2013 #3 – Aquarium – A Mirrored Ripple

Aquarium is a scrappy Wriggly Ripple (my free pattern, here). I used nine different yarns, some in as few as four rows!

392 close-up

Notice the somewhat sparkly blue row on the left? That’s Berroco Candy FX, in color #8758, a teal and blue mixture. The label tells us that it’s “a decorative effect yarn to be held together with a knitting yarn”. So nice that they explain just how we’re to use this odd yarn. lol.

Now that I’m actually reading this novelty yarn’s label I notice that it’s 100% nylon – supposed to be handwashed in cool water. Oops. Any idea what will happen to 100% nylon if it happens to get thrown in a hot washer and dryer? wince. Nothing much, I hope.

Only two other yarns had labels, Caron’s Dazzleaire ‘Frost Mint’, the lightest green, and RHSS ‘Aruba Sea’.

It’s fun to use up odds and ends, but designing a good-looking scrap blanket takes time. Sooo, I figured out a way to cut the planning time in half!

It’s such a simple idea – I planned the stripes for the first half of the blanket, weighing each yarn as-I-went so I was sure not to use more than half. Then, for the second half of the blanket, I just copied the first half’s stripes in reverse order! Wow, did that go more quickly! Vrroooom – done.

You can easily see the mirrored striping design.

392 flat

Combining the watery colors with this particular pattern might not have been my best idea. Hope no one feels seasick from looking at it! lol.

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12 Responses to 2013 #3 – Aquarium – A Mirrored Ripple

  1. mrsrooster says:

    The colors are fantastic. Doing the first half of the blanket first is a great idea. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    I LOVE it!!!! I can just see the waves sparkling in the sun looking at this beautiful blanket! Much love went into the planning of this!

  3. jacekica says:

    well it is easy to do second half, but it is big job to do first half – so many colors, it had to be planned very carefully. Nice blanket, hope that nylon will behave – if it is not HOT dry it will survive.

    • Yes, I hope the nylon yarn ‘behaves’ too!! I’m telling myself that if it doesn’t – it certainly won’t have been the first afghan ever ruined in a too hot dryer. I think it happens more often than I want to know. sigh.

  4. Liz says:

    A masterpiece as usual. I love it.

  5. Bettina says:

    Love this too!!! Absolutely gorgeous colour combo. Oddly enough, I’m doing a mirror image rug too at the moment – so much easier than having to think too hard. However, as we’ve been having heat wave conditions in Sydney, everything is (frustratingly) on hold for the time being.

    • Thank You! These are my favorite colors.
      No need to think any more than necessary, right? lol. Oh, can you send me a pic of your rug? I’d love to see. Or maybe you’ve posted one in Ravelry?
      Hope the heat wave passes soon. But for the moment, what say we swap several degrees? Tonight we’re expecting the coldest temps so far for this winter!!

  6. Anastacia says:

    all my favorite colors! well, besides oranges… and browns… and greens… and purples…

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