More Like Five-and-a-Half Old T-Shirts

Our new t-shirt bathmat is so cushy, smooshy, comfy, so much nicer on the bare feet than our old terry cloth one!

393 bathmat - landscape view

And since it’s 100% cotton it’s very absorbent, but I think the rather loosely knitted fabric will still dry pretty quickly. Happy, happy, happy!!

393 close-up

I just can’t figure how I have all this 1/2″ tarn (t-shirt yarn) left. Color me ‘bewildered’.

393 extra tarn

You know I did the math. Since my rug is 60% as big as the pattern’s and I started with 60% as many shirts as the pattern called for, I shouldn’t have much, if any, leftover!

The bathmat and the pile of tarn balls each weigh 1 lb. 4 oz., which means I used half. Hunh? The only explanation I can come up with is that the designer must have used all size Medium t-shirts, while I used 3 M, 3 L, 4 XL and 1 XXL. ?

I suppose I should be glad to have the extra tarn as a sort of ‘bathmat insurance policy’. If I should wreck this bathmat with hair dye, which is sadly what happened to our old terry cloth one, – oh, no no no, let’s pray that never happens to my pretty mat! – at least I could soon knit a replacement.

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8 Responses to More Like Five-and-a-Half Old T-Shirts

  1. So nice, it’s got a real beach-house look to it!

  2. Bettina says:

    You’ve inspired me … it looks terrific and reminds me of my childhood, we must have had these rag rug style bathmats growing up. Perhaps your leftovers become a housewarming gift? I’m all about getting leftovers out of my house this year and not keeping things for “one day”!!!!

    • When I was a kid my mom crocheted rag rugs from ripped strips of woven fabrics (no t-shirts), but they were purely utilitarian things to wipe your feet on when you came in the back door. She never would put one in her pretty color-coordinated bathroom! lol.

      Yes, I should keep less for “one day”. By the time I need another bathmat I’ll probably want a different color combination anyway.

  3. Anastacia says:

    wow, what a pretty mix of tee’s! you could always knit one up for a friend! or knit a rug for a different room in the house?

    • Thanks – I love how such a colorful little mat brightens up our whole bath. Not like the bath is huge, but. . . you know what I mean.
      Hmmm, are you trying to say that you would like a little blues and greens rug? lol.
      Well, yeah, I am going to knit a rug for a different room, but the kitchen’s got a completely different color scheme.

  4. threadbndr says:

    I’d actually do the second one now – one for in the wash/linen closet and one on the floor. That way they will last a lot longer, too. Just rotate them out with the towels every week!

    You’ve inspired me to pull back a box of acrylics from my mom’s stash and a friend’s and look at it with new eyes. I have half the yarns for a RHSS kid’s afghan sitting on my desk waiting for coupons to get more colors.

    And I’m going to hit the local Goodwill and the one by work this week. Keeping fingers crossed for good stuff!

    • Oops, too late – A friend knit a small bathmat with my leftover tarn.

      I’m so glad to hear you’re going to rescue that box of acrylics. There’s an awful lot of unwanted yarn floating around that can be turned into fun blankets for kids!

      You might be able to find some coupons on-line, (no waiting) either to put on your phone or to print. Here are some for JoAnns.

      I’ve never found more than one or two skeins of yarn at a time at my Goodwill. I hope you do better at yours!

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