Border Trials

Having finished joining the rest of my Mini Scrap Granny’s squares, I moved right on to the blanket’s border.

The first round is simple granny clusters worked in the same green yarn as I used for the blanket’s background, Red Heart Soft ‘Light Yellow Green’. I’ve downshifted one size to a G hook and I used Compact UK’s Flat Border Cluster whenever I came to a join between two squares. This combination gave me a beautifully flat edge!

Staying with the G Hook, I quickly added a round of plain double crochet with Simply Soft ‘Grape’, then a second round of green granny clusters. It looks so good!

394 - Grape

I started on yet another round of granny clusters, this time using RHSS ‘Tea Leaf’, but I didn’t think I should continue.

394 - Tealeaf

The problem isn’t something I can show you in a photograph. The RHSS ‘Tealeaf’ is much stiffer than either the Red Heart Soft ‘Light Yellow Green’ or Simply Soft ‘Grape’. I need to find a way to lessen the difference in the feel of the crocheted fabrics they create.

Those are pretty big holes between the ‘Light Yellow Green’ granny clusters. Maybe if I switch to a denser stitch the difference between the drape of ‘Light Yellow Green’ and the upcoming ‘Tealeaf’ won’t be as noticeable.

Said in an irritating whiiiiny voice. . . “I don’t waant to rip-out an entire rooooouuuuund!!”

But that’s what I’m gonna do.

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4 Responses to Border Trials

  1. daniellajoe says:

    It’s going to hurt ….

  2. Ruth Bell says:

    I found that some Red Heart has a stiffness that washes out, I made a blanket and the first ball of yarn was stiff and felt odd to knit with, had to order more yarn and one of the new balls also had the same stiffness. I made the blanket and hoped for the best. I washed it and it came out beautiful and soft as the rest of the blanket. Hope this helps

    • Yes, washing the blanket might have softened the RHSS Tealeaf, but. . . like when you “hoped for the best” on your blanket, you just never know if it will or by how much! Way too iffy for me – so I’m going to stiffen up the previous round a little instead. This should make the border fabric as a whole feel more like the rest of the blanket, at least that’s what I’m hoping will happen!

      Borders can be so tricky! – they always seem to want to do their own thing. Tsk.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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