Some Progress on the Entry Way

You’ve probably read the story here before about how I got this wooden shelf at a tag sale for $8.00.

228 green tag sale shelf

We planned to hang it over our old wooden bench, which I painted to match the shelf.

228D matching green bench & shelf

They would go against the back of one of my craft area’s six-foot tall bookcases. . .

256A Parson's Bench against back of Bookcases

creating a little ‘entry way’ by our front door. It seemed like such a simple idea!

But then I bought these neat-o glass knobs, which I found for half price at Joanns last February.

256C A Glass Knob

I just thought they would ‘fancy-up’ our hanging shelf a little. I had no idea how much more complicated they made the project!

My patient DH had to cut off the wooden Shaker-style pegs while leaving level little stubs behind to serve as bases for the new glass knobs. The knobs were on bolts far too long for this job, so he carefully cut off the extra length, then smoothed each bolt’s end by carefully filing it down by hand. Next he drilled holes centered in the wooden stubs and screwed the bolts securely into them.

Ta-dah! Our ‘new’ shelf, ready for hanging, well worth the wait.

396 new knobs

Let’s not be in too big of a hurry to get it hung up, because . . .

this is what I found on the floor the next morning!!!!

396 broken knob

I guess the glass was cracked. sigh.

I’m saving it just in case if I have to Super Glue it together, but I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I will be able to find a replacement at JoAnns.

Last time we bought the couple of knobs they had left at our local JoAnns and then the clerk at the service desk called around to find us some more. We ended up going to another JoAnns about 20 miles further away. Maybe they’ll be able to do that for us again this time.

What are the chances that there will be a matching knob left a year later?

Don’t worry. . . I have a coupon! And I’m either coming home with a new knob. . . or a tube of Super Glue. One way or another that shelf is going up! lol.

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