I Just Couldn’t Resist

I had a looong list of errands to run the other day, but I drove a little too close to the local Salvation Army thrift store and suddenly I found myself in its parking lot! Does this ever happen to you?

I thought I could spare a few minutes, you know, just to look around. lol. My hands playfully trailed over the colorful display of scarves as I took my usual route through the store, eyes quickly scanning to the right and left as I went. The scarves and everything else in the store was forgotten the second my eyes fell on. . .   the Box of Yarn!

I couldn’t have ignored it even if I had tried, which I didn’t, because it was sitting right There in the main aisle!

Although I admit to fondling every skein of yarn, I was good –  I was Very, Very Good! I put them ALL back except for the RHSS. There were six older 8-ounce skeins – now they’re only 7 ounces – of ‘Aran’ and one of what I think is ‘Hot Red’. Priced at just 99¢ each. .  I couldn’t resist! lol.

399 - 7 skeins of RHSS

And well, I couldn’t resist the bag with five colors of wool, twelves ounces of it. There was a nearly full skein of RHSS Aspen Print in there too. All for $2.99.

399 mixed wools & a vrgtd

It was time to get myself one of those little plastic shopping baskets!

As I knelt to fill my basket a fellow shopper pointed out several more boxes of yarn just around the corner of the sales counter! Feeling giddy, I immediately went and got a second basket.

Thankfully I still had a little self-control left because the store manager came over and offered me me all the boxes of yarn for $50. Quickly I considered the high percentage that was bulky acrylics, small scrap balls, rug yarn, fun fur and baby yarn, declined the offer and got back to sorting yarn.

Soon I’d narrowed my picks down to these three knotted bags and a pile of purple.

399 purple yarn & 3 more bags

Seriously, I wonder about the person who thought it was a good idea to package and price yarn in opaque plastic shopping bags.

The purple is Berella by Bernat, a Canadian acrylic that normally sells for about $3 a ball. But here it was 99¢ per 3.5 oz. skein. That’s not terribly thrifty when compared to the 8 ounce skeins of RHSS that I got for the same price, but. . . as you’ve probably already guessed it. . . I couldn’t resist the color! sigh.

In the first bag, for only 99¢, were 12 ounces of. . . mauve wool, but not a solid mauve, more like mocha with a rosy twist. Subtle and quite pretty.

399 rosy mocha wool yarn

Bag two held one and a quarter pounds of khaki tan wool, $3.99.

399 Khaki wool yarn

What’s the matter, can’t get excited over khaki tan yarn? Me neither, but I thought DH would probably love it. . . and he does! lol.

And in the last bag were five 2 oz. skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery’s, 100% New England Wool Sport Weight Singles in the colorway ‘Aquamarine’ for $2.99. Let’s see, that comes to what?. . . 60 cents a skein.

399 Teal wool yarn

It’s not solid aquamarine. This yarn also has natural, bright blue and forest fibres. Beautiful! I can imagine it turned into a delicate but warm shawl.

I spent $23 altogether. Why that’s what the eight skeins of RHSS alone would cost at  regular retail. HA-Ha-hahaha.

And that’s the reason my car pulls into every thrift store parking lot that I get near!

P.S. The little brown ball of wool is already on my #6 dpns. I’ve started yet another pair of everyday fingerless mitts for DH.

399 tweed mitt - in progress

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12 Responses to I Just Couldn’t Resist

  1. excellent find. that’s what thrift stores are for, right! (I have to say, i might well have walked out with the $50 offer)

  2. Marie says:

    Ohhhh, I just LOVE thrift stores! Last year I came away with 11 skeins of RH sport in a beautiful denim color…….all for $3.00!

    • Aren’t thrift stores fun!!??!! 😀

      Wow!! You made a fantastic find at a fantastic price! I wouldn’t expect to get yarn for so little from a thrift around here – maybe at a tag sale.

      Have you made anything with it yet?

      • Marie says:

        Haven’t figured out what to do with them yet. I’ve never used a thinner yarn before.

      • DK would be nice for a baby blanket! And you might find out that like working with fine yarn, slower, but soft and more delicate – the label will give you an idea of what size hook to try.

        Or you could use two strands of it held together. If that’s heavier than what you’re used to, you could try going up a hook size from your usual. Just an idea. shrug.

  3. Verneta says:

    Great find! Yeah! The thrift stores in my area are not very thrifty with yarn. Oh well, like I need more yarn! LOL!

  4. Marie says:

    Every time I get that look that says “I need more yarn”, my husband will say, “You have enough!” I just remind him that with all this yarn stuffed throughout the house, it acts like insulation and helps keep our bills down 🙂

  5. Renee says:

    Well I guess I gotta go check out the local goodwill 🙂

    • Yes, go! You never know what you might find.
      But check out all the thrifts in your area. The GoodWill near me doesn’t have nearly as much yarn as the Salvation Army or Savers. Someone just told me GoodWill sells large amounts of yarn on-line. So maybe that’s why.

  6. Anastacia says:

    oooh, I’m jealous – especially that aquamarine wool for 60 cents a piece. Seriously, I think you are the only one out there that gives me a run for my money! 🙂 I think… just maybe… I’m good for yarn though, for a month maybe? ha ha

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