It’s Just as I Imagined!

Our entryway has made huge advancements these last couple of weeks!

While DH waited for me to go shopping for another knob he added these boards to the inside of these bookcases in my craft space. Remember? Their backs are the entryway’s ‘wall’. This was a simple way to make them strong enough to hold both the hanging shelf and some heavy coats.

400 reinforcements

WOooo-HOooo! I was so excited to find out that not only did our local JoAnns still have a box of the same kind of glass knobs, but they were also on sale, again, for half-off!! So I got us a couple extra knobs to put away fer ‘just in case’.

I’m so happy – DH was able to put the new knob on right away!

400 knob replaced and extras

And since he’d already put the white bead board up last weekend, we could hang up the shelf too!

This was tricky because DH needed to accurately screw through those reinforcement boards in the bookcases and into the narrow upright sideboards of the shelf. . . while I held the shelf in place. Yeah, that was loads of fun. lol. But with alot of measuring, marking and moving of the shelf, we did it, and without messing up the shelf at all!

400 entry way - beadboard, shelf, and trim board

That unpainted board you see at the top of the bead board ‘wall’ is a piece of trim that we just set up there to see how it’s going to look. We’ll add it permanently in the spring after we’ve primed and painted it, outdoors.

It’s going to take me awhile to get used to this! I’ve always a place to kick off our shoes. .  to hang coats. . . a basket of mittens and hats up on the shelf. This is very very Good!

400 a hanging red coat

Already I’m thinking about the next step. I’d like a low cupboard to go to the right of the shelf and bench, where the ‘cherry’ bookcase is now. It can hold stuff like our vacuum cleaner and boots. There will be plenty of room above it for a mirror. I’ve been watching for one at the thrifts for a while now. I’m patient. It will come.

In the meantime, I can do something about these ugly blue plastic trays we set our wet/dirty shoes on when we get home. I’m going to try lightly sanding and spray painting them, probably brown.

400 shoes on blue trays

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One Response to It’s Just as I Imagined!

  1. Marie says:

    Wow! It looks wonderful.

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