2013 #6 – Cupid’s Ripple

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week’s ripple has a very simple striping pattern – 3 fuchsia, 1 white, then 2 pink! and 1 white.

401 cupid - close-up

I mixed together four slightly different shades of fuchsia. Only one had a label, Bernat Berella ‘Arbutus’. I got two 3.5 ounce skeins at the local Historical Society’s tag sale last October for 50¢!

401 cupid - full view

It looks like I should have used all single rows of that lightest fuchsia, or at least not put the one double row of it so near the blanket’s center! I can only hope that some little foster girl’s deep love for pink will help her overlook this small flaw. lol.

P.S. Don’t forget – go buy yourself some of your favorite kind(s) of chocolates/roses, etc. on the 15th when they may be as much as half-off. Whee!

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11 Responses to 2013 #6 – Cupid’s Ripple

  1. Liz says:

    Each person is unique and so is each blanket. I can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. Renee says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Linda you could write a book on Ripple Do’s & Don’ts.

  3. Is it my imagination or are you an incredibly fast crocheter?

    • I don’t know about “incredibly”, but I guess I’m faster than many.
      Remember though: 1. My ripples are little, just 35″ x 54″. 2. It’s a fast and easy pattern. Go here to read why. (scroll down to ‘The Pattern’) and 3. I’ve had lots and lots and lots of practice!! 😀

  4. Marie says:

    Just stunning!

  5. Wawanna says:

    You put the rest of us to shame, how do you do it? Make so many in such a short amount of time! Truly amazing….. You and the ripples!

    • Yes, I make my little ripples quite quickly, averaging one a week. I imagine my speed has increased over the years, at least 45, that I’ve been crocheting, especially during the last six when I’ve been crocheting for charity. Making the same easy ripple over and over and over is probably great speed training!!

      But, like anyone would, I slow waaaaay down whenever I switch to a different pattern and have to think about what I’m doing. lol.

  6. She will never notice. We crocheters are often harder on ourselves than the recipients of our beautiful projects :).

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