Pockets and Labels and Lids, Oh My!

As I was preparing Friday’s post about our new entry way, you know, the one we built on the back of my craft bookcases, I thought, hey! – I should show you how the bookcases’ front side turned out too!

You may remember that a year ago I was considering which of several different kinds of coordinating storage boxes I would make to organize all the wonderful stuff I keep in my craft area. Luckily, before I even tried covering my first box, it occurred to me that I could very easily turn plain old cardboard boxes whatever color I wanted, with. . . plain old latex paint! So I got out the burgundy Satin Finish Latex left over from painting our kitchen pantry and started painting boxes.

Once I saw how I quickly and easily I could turn any cardboard boxes, like these eight large ones from reams of copier paper, into matching burgundy storage boxes…

I may have gone just a little box crazy. lol.

Having found how nicely they fit in a bookcase, I painted several boxes from the peaches we buy at a nearby orchard.

And I painted a set of four very old cardboard magazine files,

a couple of lidless shoe boxes,

and a cigar box.

There’s some burgundy paint left, so I can easily replace them if I should ever come across better boxes, like ones that still have their lids! lol.

DH helped me by finding a very old can of tan paint under the basement stairs. It’s the color we chose twenty-some years ago for the basement door, which just happens to be…

right next to my wall of yarn!

Finding this tan paint was like finding an important piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It looks great with the burgundy paint, which looks great with our faux-cherry bookcases!

And tan box lids look great with. . .

tan baskets and tan labels!

Nice leather label pocket, eh? I think it adds a nice finishing touch.

What you can’t see is the very thin U-shaped cardboard piece that I glued between the leather ‘frame’ and the box. That’s what creates the little pocket where the easily changed tan cardstock label sits.

I still like my burgundy storage boxes a year later. They’re simpler any of the other boxes I’d imagined making, but they’re well-coordinated and in several sizes, which is all I ever wanted/needed. I think they look especially good considering they’re all mine for only the cost of a little old paint.

402 full view of craft bookcases

Could something as basic as matching storage boxes have turned my craft area into A Place for Everything and Everything in it Place? Well. . . assuming any transformation would have begun a year ago, it apparently is not yet complete, because this is my craft table.

But I remind myself of the vast difference between before. . .

224B filled bookcases

and after. . .

402 full view of craft bookcases

of my craft bookcases and I still have hope!

And yes, I do manage to keep my bookcases that tidy, most of the time. lol.

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7 Responses to Pockets and Labels and Lids, Oh My!

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Linda. Your creativity knows no bounds! It feels good to repurpose items and to make them look even better than they did originally. I actually was amazed at your wall of yarn also!!!

    • Hi Sharon!
      I don’t remember when you dropped by alottastiches – maybe you haven’t yet seen this post I did right after I assembled the wall of yarn?

      re: my creativity. . . my brain just never stops thinking of yet another thing I could make/decorate/learn etc.
      My darling husband and I agree – our lives would be much simpler, and our house/garage a lot neater, if we could both Just Stop Thinking!!! LOL.

  2. Wazeau says:

    Love your crafting room! And ohh, all that yarn…

  3. Jay says:

    Re: Burgundy painted boxes. Where do you get the lids for the boxes. Or if the boxes come with lids where do you get such boxes.

    • Hi Jay –
      My boxes once held packages of copy paper. And, yes, they came with the lids.
      I got mine for free through a friend who worked in a large office, but any office supply store or copy place has them. You probably know someone who could save some for you.

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