Better Boots

DH and I both looove our ugly rubber barn boots!

403 0 rubber boots

They keep our feet dry while we shovel or blow snow,

DH in snowy drive

do yard work,

403 0A yardwork

and walk in and around our stream.

148 stream after hurricane Irene

But they’re not very comfortable or warm. Their soles are quite stiff and they have no lining to speak of.

I have come up with what I hope will be a quick and easy solution! I’m going to make us both wool boot insoles out of this Eddie Bauer sweater I got at Sal’s thrift store.

403 1 Eddie Bauer sweater

Someone had already felted the mostly wool sweater for me, yet it was only $2.50 (at half-price)! lol.

403 1A tags

We drew around our feet to make paper insole patterns.

403 2 draw an insole pattern

It was quick and easy to cut two layers of felt at once with sharp scissors. Good-bye, sweater sleeve!

403 4 pinned felt, ready to cut

Turns out I can only fit one layer in my boots,

403 5 my insoles

but DH’s are roomy enough for two. I’m stitching them together so they can’t shift and annoy his toesies!

403 7 DH's insoles

Emily, as usual, is making sure that I’m doing a really good job.

403 6 Inspector Emily

I have so much felt left!

403 extra felt

By spring I assume our boots’ insoles will have compressed from use and we may want to add another layer or at least felt arch supports. We’ll see.

In the meantime, 403 10 jump1 DH is

403 10 jump2

Jumping for Joy

403 10 jump3

over how much Better his Boots are with wool felt insoles!

403 10 jump4

He wielded the snow blower for four long hours on Saturday, clearing at least 28″ of snow from our drive, and yet his feet stayed comfy and warm! – thanks to Eddie Bauer and an anonymous felter.

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10 Responses to Better Boots

  1. great idea 🙂 and boy, that’s a lot of snow!!! where do you live?

  2. Wawanna says:

    What a gorgeous piece of God’s creation to live in. And oh that STREAM!!!! And all those awesome trees!! You can tell I am not looking at the boots, the snow, the wool liners, nor the sweet hubby–just the surroundings. Living in a desert, it all looks sublime. However temps are in the upper 70’s here so I should keep quiet!

  3. Pooch says:

    Thank goodness for Emily! We all need quality control! 😉

  4. Anastacia says:

    Linda, you constantly amaze me with your ideas!

  5. Once again, I am wow-ed by your creativity! And I have fallen hopelessly in love with your stream =) – Karen

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