Lunch. . . and More

Anastacia, author of the “AnastaciaKnits” blog, and I had lunch on Friday, having picked a little town that’s kind of mid-way between our homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I chose the deep-fried clam strips, which I haven’t had in years – Yumm! – and Friendly’s new skinny fries – also Yumm!

This was my first time to meet a fellow blogger and Raveler. Well, naturally I meet lots of bloggers and Ravelers on-line, but this was my first time in person. I was so excited, I think I might have talked and laughed a little louder than I should have. lol. Once we  quickly finished our desserts – it’s impossible to eat ice cream slowly, isn’t it? – we left everyone to finish their meals in peace while we moved over to the local library for Show and Tell. We had both brought large totes packed with recent knit and crochet FOs (Finished Objects). It was such fun to handle projects I’d only been able to read about until then!

And we compared rigid heddle looms. Hers is a lovely new 15″ Schacht Cricket, while mine

405 my rigid heddle loom

is a used 20″ one of some kind or other (a Tia, once made by Northfield Looms) that I found on Ebay. It was probably new back in the 70’s!

We shared our first woven scarves. Although I can’t show you Anastacia’s – I took my camera, but then took no photos! – I can at least show you mine, which I made about two years ago.

405 my first scarf

You’re probably not surprised that the yarn came from a striped thrift store sweater of 85% acrylic/15% wool. Although the crinkles in the yarn, left from its having been knitted, aren’t as pronounced now as before their trip through a hot dryer, they still give my scarf an interesting texture that I rather like.

405 my scarf - close-up

I can also show you the marvelous variegated yarns that Anastacia gave me. Just look at all these gorgeous color combinations. . . all Eight of ’em!

405 variegated yarns

Some of them, like Red Heart Super Saver ‘Salsa’, I’ve never seen before!

405 RHSS 'Salsa'

Thank you so much, Anastacia!

For some reason I’m in the middle of a variegated-free ripple streak. I’ve made four all-solid ripples in a row, #3 thru 7, and have four more designed and waiting. I hope my new collection of variegated yarns will inspire me to do some ripples that are a little more complicated.

I’m waiting for inspiration to strike. . .

Nope, not yet. But I have four weeks, an entire month! It will happen.


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4 Responses to Lunch. . . and More

  1. Wawanna says:

    It’s wonderful to have a girl’s day out, and you truly deserve it! Glad you had such a marvelous time. Those variegated yarns will prove to be great inspirations for some ripples, that’s for sure, you really come up with some beauties! Can’t wait to see what you will do.

    • We’ve already made plans to do it again in April. 🙂

      re: the variegateds – It’s going to be fun to see what color match-ups I can make with the solids already in my stash. It would be “cheating” to go buy more yarn especially for that! I make up these arbitrary “Ripple Rules” to keep my ripple charity project interesting. HAha.

  2. Anastacia says:

    The scarf is beautiful, much more so than the photos.

    🙂 It was so much fun meeting you & you were also my first bloggy / online meet in person! I told my mom (before we had met) that I was nervous, and she asked if I was nervous about meeting you… I said “No, I’m nervous about driving to Friendly’s ’cause I hate route 20!” LOL

    It was my pleasure to share some yarn with you & I have a box started for next time!

    • Thank You! The scarf’s been growing on me since I got it out to show you. I’ve had it hanging from one of the pretty glass knobs on our entry way shelf where I can look at it everyday.

      We can try a different restaurant on a different route next time. See if we can find one where the waitress won’t check on us every five minutes. lol.

      No box yet, but I have a list!

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