2013 Ripple of the Week #8

This week’s color combo was inspired, not by the nuts, that will make sense in a minute, but, by this beginning photo (please scroll down) of Anastacia’s Wriggly Ripple. A quick visit to my charity stash revealed that I didn’t have enough skeins/partial skeins of bright pastel yarns to make a blanket. Why, I didn’t even have enough pale pastel yarns! But a deep dig in the scrap box gave me all the pinks and yellows I needed and my ripple was soon underway. Yay!

I’m calling this one. . .

Jordan Almonds

407 Jordan Almonds ripple

Most of the yarns I used choose to remain anonymous: scrap pinks, scrap yellows, a bit of bright Pink!, white and green.

407 close-up

But two of my favorite Red Heart Super Saver colors are happy to tell their names, “Turqua” and “Aruba Sea”.

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6 Responses to 2013 Ripple of the Week #8

  1. Renee says:

    yogurt covered Jordan Almonds 🙂
    Very nice!

  2. Liz says:

    How appropriate and beautiful too.

  3. Anastacia says:

    i had to read your post 3 times before I figured out your nuts reference!

  4. Underground Crafter says:

    This is so delightful and spring-like!

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