A Better Border

Ready to re-do the border on my Mini-Scrap Granny I removed the partial round of RHSS ‘Tealeaf’, as well as the earlier limpy-wimpy ‘Light Yellow Green’ granny cluster round.

Before ~

394 - Tealeaf

I redid the round ‘Light Yellow Green’ but in plain double-crochet so it’s denser. I followed with two rounds of ‘Tea Leaf’ granny clusters’, but this time I omitted the chain stitches between so there are smaller holes, more like those in the granny squares of the blanket itself. Then another round of ‘Light Yellow Green’ plain double-crochet. Ah, I like this so much more!

After ~

408 new border

It’s can be tricky to combine yarns of different brands/thicknesses – the olive-green is thicker/stiffer than the pale green or the purple – because I don’t want a border that feels stiff or limp compared to the rest of the blanket. Not only do the two areas feel about the same, but the thing still lays Flat! So three cheers for Mini-Scrap’s better border – Yea, Yea, Yea!!

I think a single round of RHSS Light Raspberry should come next, to balance the strong purple.

408 with lt. raspberry yarn

But I have a few other decisions to make yet – what stitch for the Light Raspberry round and what color/stitch combination for the blanket’s outer-most edge. I’m going to give myself ample time to decide. I’d rather not have to rip back – again.

Aaack, I don’t like ripping back!!

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4 Responses to A Better Border

  1. Verneta says:

    The Light green DC border makes up for it being a thinner yarn than the olive green; makes it look thicker. I think the Light Raspberry will be perfect. I pop of color will set off all of your beautiful work! Great job, Linda! 🙂 Have a blessed day!

    • Yes, Verneta! It sounds like you really “get” what I tried to do by changing the border. Kind of hard to convey the feel of afghan fabric in writing! LOL.

      So maybe I should end the border with the Light Raspberry round?

      Thank You, Thank You. (HUG)

  2. Love this. You can’t go wrong with raspberry, in my book 🙂

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