A Friendly Yarn Tip

A fiber friend tipped me off recently that my local Savers store had just put out a Very Large donation of yarn. She assured me that, although she’d gone home with quite a pile, there was still plenty left for me! lol. Still, since I’m not in desperate need of more yarn, HAha – those of you who’ve seen my various stashes know why I laugh – I decided to take a chance and wait until the following Tuesday when I could get Savers’ 20% ‘mature’ discount on any yarn they might still have.

Who knows what I may have missed by waiting, but I’m happy with the four skeins I got for just $4.00.

412 4 skeins variegated & a blanket

Yes, I’m including a crocheted blanket ($3.20) in my yarn haul. It was in very nice condition, so at first I vacillated between unraveling for its two pounds of pretty rose yarn and simply passing it on to the foster kids as is. Unravel – Pass On. Unravel – Pass On.

But, although the blanket had easily passed general inspection at the store, when I went to neatly fold it at home, I discovered this wonky corner at the blanket’s beginning. It tipped the scale for me.

412 wonky corner on blanket

Obviously, lol, I didn’t need much of a push to choose Unravel!

I knew DH would be glad to help once I got it started. He’s very good at tightly rolling balls of acrylic yarn which helps remove most of the kinks that come from having been crocheted.

Teeny-Tiny MochiMochi” by Anna Hrachovec, a book filled with 40 patterns for fun little knit toys, happily joined my pile of thrifty goodies. Retails for $19.99 – but I paid $4.80. Yippee!

412 book - MochiMochi

My first project from the book will be to make DH a Tiny Armadillo. The level of detail Anna achieves on this 1 3/4″ critter is wonderful! I hope I have some grey finger-weight yarn in stash.

Speaking of finger-weight stash, I’m going to keep my eyes open for needlework kits at the thrifts. They’d be a great way to get small amounts of several colors of fine weight yarn at once – perfect for knitting colorful tiny toys!

Oh, I have to show you the Ralph Lauren reversible down-filled vest that I also got at Savers ($8.00). I didn’t think of how similar their colors were while I was shopping, but look how great that scarf I wove goes with my ‘new’ vest! Yay!

412 vest & scarf

P.S. We’ve already unraveled the blanket.

412 Balls of Bright Rose Yarn

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6 Responses to A Friendly Yarn Tip

  1. Verneta says:

    I know me … more yarn would have been in the shopping basket! LOL!

  2. Anastacia says:

    Yay! you did great, and the vest looks great with your scarf!
    Hubby came home with more yarn for me yesterday, “just because”.

    • I’m lovin’ my scarf now that I have something it goes so well with.
      I’ve gotten a few compliments on it too, which makes me want to weave another! lol.

      Awww, how sweet.
      And a bouquet of yarn lasts so much longer than a bouquet of flowers. 🙂

  3. daniellajoe says:

    I always like reading about your loot, I am almost there too 🙂

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