Springtime in New England

Regardless of what the calendar says – first day of Spring, Wed. March 20 – I was really beginning to wonder when, or if, Spring was going to get here! lol. But then on Monday morning I spied these brave little yellow-green daffodil shoots under the crab apple tree outside our bedroom window. What an encouraging sight!

417A sprouts

Long trapped under the tall pile of snow DH cleared from our drive, they barely waited for it to melt before they popped up.

Since the temperature and wind dials were clearly both still set on ‘Winter’ I took a very short brisk walk around our yard where I soon discovered these taller daffodil shoots of a far happier shade of green. Apparently pushing your way through heavy garden detritus – note to self: must. rake. soon. – isn’t as hard on a daffodil as waiting through a long snow melt.

417A buds!!

Oooh, my!! I didn’t notice immediately, but some of these already have buds!! What a welcome although untimely sight, as neither my snowdrops nor my crocuses, usually the earliest spring flowers, have bloomed yet. I also heard the cheery song of a robin, another harbinger of spring, but he wasn’t as cooperative a photo model as the daffodils.

Well. . . I hope you all enjoyed those fleeting glimpses, because here’s how springtime in New England has looked since Tuesday! sigh.

417A snowywoods

Apparently those impatient daffodils under the crab apple tree are just going to have to wait a little bit longer.

417A snowcovered daffodil bed

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2 Responses to Springtime in New England

  1. I know you’re sick of the snow but it still looks idyllic from where I’m sitting. Love those brave little buds 🙂

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