A Lace Shawlette

I’m so excited to show you my Morpho shawlette, just off the hook with ends still dangling!

416 wide shot of shawlette

I looove its slightly ruffled two-row border,

416 ruffled edge at point

which I think is far better looking than the “nice, simple scalloped edging” advertised in the pattern description! lol. I plan to gently wet block the shawl’s body in hopes of preserving as much of that ruffle as I can.

I also loove those slightly curved tips.

416 curved tip

After doing about eighteen repeats of Morpho’s easy two-row pattern – remember, I’m using 8/2 cotton thread – it measures 23 inches (58cm)

416 vertical measure

by about 53 inches (1.35cm).

416 horizontal measure

Never having made a shawl before, I thought this sounded plenty large until I actually tried it on. That’s when I decided I want my Morpho to be larger. I promised to contribute a shawl to the charity auction and this is definitely still, in my eyes anyway, a shawlette.

For once ripping back isn’t going to be terribly upsetting. All I’m going to lose is Morpho’s lovely two-row border and that’s an even easier pattern than the two-row main pattern. No, Really!!

But I don’t know how large to go. Guess I’ll just keep crocheting and trying it on until it says Shawl. lol.

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10 Responses to A Lace Shawlette

  1. Very pretty. I love the colour.

  2. Verneta says:

    Beautiful … It should raise a lot of money! Great job!

  3. Wawanna says:

    Delicious color! The shawl is lovely. Now you must share the source of the pattern…PLEASE.

  4. ABsoLUTEly gorgeous. If I had made it, there is no way I’d be able to give it away!!!

  5. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    I have made shawls before, some good, some not so good and I love yours. I’m usually hot
    blooded and here in Fl it isn’t cold anyway, so a light shawl like this I can use where others need
    heavier. Thank you.

    • You’re Welcome!
      I’m very happy to share such a great pattern with you. Hope you enjoy making your Morpho as much as I’m enjoying mine – well, not really ‘mine’ as I’m giving it to be auctioned but. . . you know what I mean. lol.

  6. That is one of the dilemmas when making shawls from recipe patterns. I usually just keep trying it on until I like how it fits :).

    • Good advice.
      I’ve been thinking that since I’m petite I’m going to make it a little bigger than I would for myself – no telling what height/breadth of person might make the winning bid on it!

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