A False Start

I’ve been looking forward to playing with this variegated yarn, RHSS ‘Salsa’, ever since I first laid eyes on it. What an interesting color combination!

405 RHSS 'Salsa'

I didn’t have an orange anywhere near Salsa’s orange and both of my browns are cooler than its brown, but RHSS ‘Coral’ and ‘Real Teal’ are both Fantastic color matches! I planned to use a full skein of each. . .

422 color combo but by the end of the day I had my doubts. This photograph says it all, Too Much Coral!!

422 a false start

I headed up to the attic for my other skein of ‘Real Teal’, a partial one that I’d hoped to use with RHSS ‘Aruba Sea” in a future ripple. Oh well, I think JoAnn probably has some more ‘Real Teal’ that she would be glad to sell to me. lol.

422 teal and aruba

After weighing the partial skein of teal to see how many rows of coral I could swap out (one ounce of RHSS = 3.33 rows in these little ripples), I rewrote my striping plan.

Yes, whine, ripping out five rows was painful, lol, but it was so worth it!! I think this is a much better-balanced design with enough spice to keep things interesting but not so much as to overwhelm. Ahhh.

422 2nd start

Things are going to change again on the next repeat because I don’t have enough teal to make all its stripes two rows wide. Can’t wait to see how this is going to look!

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7 Responses to A False Start

  1. Wow…You have a way with color! I just caught this post on my way to work..I’m inspired.

    • Thank You – I do loooove playing with colors!! lol.

      Thanks for the heads-up on errors in the Ruby Shawl pattern. I’m very tempted after seeing yours! – and I think I recognize the yarn you picked too! What a yummy combo.

      Note to my Lovely Readers – You’ll want to go check out Denise’s newest shawl, she’s called Ruby!

  2. Oo! These colors look great together! Very sad to rrip, but I agree. The coral was launching a take over!

  3. Verneta says:

    I agree … the rust is not nearly as overwhelming. A foster boy will love it!

  4. Anastacia says:

    Much better the second time around! I love your color combo as always! 🙂 I need to start another ripple!

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