A Treasure Hunt

DH and I went to a nearby library’s used book sale on Saturday in the hope of finding photography books for him and at least one weaving book for me. While jumping up and down trying to stay warm in 20 mph winds, I wondered whether it was really necessary to get there early so we could stand as numbers 23 and 24 in the long line waiting for the sale to begin, but afterward I was so glad that we had, because we both found exactly what we came for!

I had help. As soon as I got to the HandiCrafts bookcase I mentioned to the woman who was shopping the upper shelves while I shopped the low ones that I was looking for weaving books. She in turn said she wanted any about spinning. – I always try to engage the person standing closest to me in this way in hopes that we can both get the books we want before those trying to reach around us can grab them. – Each of us happened to discover the book the other was looking for, proof that ‘my method’ works! lol.

My most wonderful find was “Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving” by Betty Davenport. As you can tell by its reviews on Amazon, this is a Great weaving reference book. It and “The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving”, are the only ones I know of written specifically for rigid heddle looms.

429 - weaving book

And yet it was only $1.00! Wooo-hoo!

As a more comprehensive weaving book, I highly recommend Deborah Chandler’s “Learning to Weave”. Maybe I’ll find it at the next book sale! In the meantime I can borrow it, yet again, lol, from a nearby library.

The other treasures I found at the sale were quilting ones. “Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend” was also $1, but “Nine Patch Wonders” is so thin it was considered a magazine, which go for only. . .Β  10Β’!!

429 - 2 Quilt Books

Surely the author’s autograph makes it worth more than that! lol.

429 - autograph

I came home with a stack of ‘regular’ quilting magazines too, which I’ve already reduced to this small pile of ideas and patterns.

429 - patterns

I’ll add them to the appropriate folders in my Crochet/Sew/Quilt file box, one of four such ‘Treasure Chests’ that sit under my craft table, always ready to provide inspiration.

429 - filebox

How do you organize your treasures patterns and articles?

P.S. DH found the photography book which had been #1 on his wish list, plus four others. Yay!

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8 Responses to A Treasure Hunt

  1. “organise”? not a word i am overly familiar with…. enjoy your books, so exciting!

    • LOL!! πŸ˜€
      Does “stuff in a box” ring a bell?

      I’ve been enjoying the weaving book so much its pages are starting to fall out! – not surprising for a 1987 paperback I guess. I’m going to have it spiral bound even though it seems so wrong to spend $4 for that when the book itself was only $1. πŸ™‚

  2. daniellajoe says:

    Always nice visiting with you, thrift store finds rock!! πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad you stopped by this morning!!
      But I can tell that you took a shortcut and only scanned the post. lol. πŸ™‚
      This was quite different from my usual thrift store visits. . .
      It was a two-day used book sale held by a public library, quite popular around here as fundraisers. Do they have these near you?
      DH and I stood in line waiting for the doors to open on the first day so we’d get first picks – so Exciting! lol.

      • daniellajoe says:

        Linda I read 60%. lol really πŸ™‚
        Yes we do have them, but to be totally honest I love reading but I do not have the time so I don’t tend to buy books…

      • I appreciate your honesty and I certainly understand about not having the free time to read. – You’ll notice I only bought craft reference/pattern books, not novels. πŸ™‚

        I must share with you one great way I’ve found to fit in a good ‘read’ – books on cd. What a luxury to have someone read to me while I crochet, or drive! And since I know I’ll only listen to them once, I just borrow ’em from the library. A win-win for me, maybe for you too!

        Hope you’re having a Great day!

      • daniellajoe says:

        I love audio books and the library is one of my best friends πŸ™‚ great minds think alike lol

      • “the library is one of my best friends” – I heartily agree!
        DH and I like to visit several favorite libraries, and we were just talking about which of the free museum passes we should reserve first at our town library.

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