Silent Auction Options

You may remember that I emailed photos and descriptions of my ‘Field of Wildflowers’ granny afghan,

420 wideshot

Morphos shawl,

423 over jacket

and Ketjusilmukkahuivi scarf/wrap

425 loose scarf

offering them for a Haitian mission’s April 27th fundraiser.

Due to a limited amount of silent auction display space, it sounded likely that only the shawl would be part of the auction and the granny and scarf would go on a raffle table. No hard feelings, but since I knew that last year’s raffle brought in $400 total, I thought that a large item like an afghan would probably do better in an auction, so I donated the wildflower granny to our local Friends of the Library instead. Their next fundraiser, a wine and beer tasting in May, also includes a silent auction.

The shawl and scarf, having successfully made their way through our bucket brigade style delivery system, are now in the hands of the mission fundraiser’s official display person. She would like to use a dressmaker’s form or mannikin to show off the shawl. I hope someone in the church’s congregation has one or knows someone who has one to lend for the evening.

I’ll let you know what happens.

P.S. Seeing those snowy ‘fashion shots’ again reminded me that I haven’t yet shown you – spring has finally arrived!

The earliest spring blossoms in our yard are the snowdrops

429a snowdrops

and delicate crocuses.

429a crocuses

With the warm temps that are forecast, they’ll soon be followed by many, many daffodils!

429a many daffodils

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2 Responses to Silent Auction Options

  1. Anastacia says:

    I know I haven’t had much luck at all donating afghans for either raffle or silent auction (with the exception of the Alzheimer’s Afghan my mom & I do together every year online). I hope you’ll be lucky with yours through the library!

    I wish I had a mannequin, I’d loan you mine!

    • I’m so glad your on-line Alzheimer’s fundraiser does well!

      Yeah, I doubt my granny will bring in much at the library auction. Last year’s only made about $40 for the mission. But I made them out of scraps and I was going to be give them away anyway. 🙂

      As for the scarf being raffled – I can’t insist that they auction it. So I’m happy that it got me to experiment with the pattern, and, after all, the thread was only 50 cents. . . shrug.

      Thanks for offering your hypothetical mannequin. lol.

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