Baby Ripples

I was recently asked if I’d mind making a few baby blankets for a local charity. . . of course I don’t mind! This gives me a good reason to dig into the sport-weight charity stash that’s accumulated in our attic over the years. Notice I didn’t say that I’ve accumulated, because this particular stash seems to have just appeared, having arrived a few unintentional skeins at a time as gifts or part of some bag/box lots that I bought for their more popular worsted weight yarns.

I last did a photo-inventory of my charity sport yarns in September 2011.

158A sport-weight yarns

There’s much more than that now!

Plus I’ve discovered that some of the yarns I had classified as fingering/baby yarn, cuz they said ‘Baby’, like TLC Baby, or had a baby pictured on the label, like Bernat Coordinates, are really sport. duh. You’ve got to read the fine print, Linda! lol.

158C blue and yellow baby yarns

There was only one tiny ball of Pink sport yarn, and many, many balls and skeins of Blue when I took those pictures.

The baby girls will be grateful that I’ve since received this generous amount of ‘Petal Rose’ Caldor Sport Yarn. Thank you, Maureen!

430 'Petal Rose' yarn

It’s going to be fun to see how many baby ripple color schemes it will influence!

The pattern I’ve chosen, SmoothFox’s Beginner’s Round Ripple, was written for heavier yarns; the pattern’s example was made with Red Heart Super Saver and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice using an I hook (5.5 mm). Since I’ll being using sport yarns I need a size G hook.

Looking through my colorful collection. . .

430 crochet hooks

I only found two Gs! That’s very surprising considering that I have five Fs and eight Hs, including one ‘Crochet Lite’ hook, the tip of which, as you probably guessed from the name, lights up!

430 lited hook

I love to crochet with it while camping or riding in a car. It’s perfect for any low light situation.

But getting back to my shortage of G hooks, a shortage I expect to last only until my next trip to JoAnns. . . with only one G hook to spare I’m going to have to pay close attention to where I rest my hook! I’m used to being able to grab another, and another, and yet another, lol, if necessary, as I ‘lose’ my most often used Hs.

Although I performed a few frantic searches for a G hook under and around my chair cushion, I still managed to nearly finish my first round baby ripple and I plan to share it on Friday.

I hope you’ll visit again then.

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5 Responses to Baby Ripples

  1. Yay! I just love my Monday, alotta Linda, ripple chapter. How exciting! A baby round ripple!

    I will be checking your Friday installment. I am very curious as to how much sport yarn you’ll need. I might follow with a round ripple of my own. I have some Bernat Softee Baby that has been waiting for inspiration. 🙂

  2. Bettina says:

    perfect – just “having” to crochet some ripples because you’ve been asked 🙂 Looks like you’re about to go through your pink phase …

    • You could be right about a coming pink phase, but it hasn’t started quite yet, lol. . . the first baby ripple’s white with a blue and green variegated and, although the next one’s yarns are white, blue and a very crinkly blue and pink mix, I’ve come to realize that when seen from any distance the pink disappears! – I see white with two shades of pale blue. hmph.

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