Thrifty Mitts

This winter I knit these brown tweed fingerless mitts for DH. They were a quick little project thanks to my favorite mitt ‘pattern’, so simple it hardly qualifies as a pattern. These mitts are just K2P2 ribbed tubes with slits for his thumbs,

421 Thrifty Mitts at laptop

but they make DH so tremendously happy! He loves to wear fingerless mitts while driving, using his camera, reading, working on his laptop, etc. This, and that he loses a mitt now and then, grrrrr, keeps me knitting him more and more fingerless mitts!

How I can afford to do such superfluous knitting, especially when I use such lovely wool tweed and alpaca blend yarns? Well, the time spent isn’t an issue with such an easy pattern, and as for the money spent on yarn, let’s see. . .

I paid $2.99 at Sal’s for this entire bagful of yarn, which weighed one pound.

399 mixed wools & a vrgtd

That’s about 19 cents per ounce. ($2.99 ÷ 16 oz. = 18.68¢/oz.)

Before I started knitting DH’s newest mitts I weighed the little ball of brown tweed wool – so I’d be sure not to use more than half of it in the first mitt. . . two ounces.

HAHaha. That means DH’s newest fingerless mitts cost me all of 38¢!! (2 oz. x 19¢/oz.)

Yeah, he’s worth that much. . . probably even a little more. lol.

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4 Responses to Thrifty Mitts

  1. Awww. Those men of ours, huh?

  2. 19c per mitt – jeez, you are REALLY splashing out!!! They are very cute, and I love anything simple.

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