#18 – Rugby Scrum

I designed this ripple around yet another of the many pretty variegated yarns that my friend, Anastacia, gave me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before, but maybe one of you recognize it? I put RHSS ‘Buff’, ‘Soft Navy’ and ‘Hunter Green’ with it plus three somewhat rusty colored burgundy yarns. Two of those, one of regular weight and one so thin I had to use it doubled, are chenille I unraveled from thrift store sweaters, and the third is a simple acrylic yarn.

434 close-up

The widths of the burgundy, navy and hunter stripes were easily decided by the amount I had of each yarn, twice as much burgundy, so the burgundy stripes are twice as wide. But yarn amounts had nothing to do with the order in which I arranged the stripes. A simple burg/navy/hunter repeat would have used exactly the same amounts as the sequence I chose to use instead. I just thought flipping back and forth between burg/navy/hunter and burg/hunter/navy would be a more interesting result.

I panicked when near the ripple’s finish I ran 25 stitches short with the ‘Hunter Green’. ACK!! Who wants to go buy more yarn when they’ve got just ten rows left to do?

434 yarn shortage

But, thankfully, my panic was very short-lived. Only a minute into a frantic scrap box rummage I uncovered this sizable ball. Unlabeled, but I was quite sure it was ‘Hunter Green’. phew. On close comparison I could see I was right.

434 more hunter

I have more, twelve ounces more, of the variegated left for future play,

434 more vgtd

but since I used all but these small scraps of the colors that most closely match, I’m going to let it continue to age in my charity stash.

434 leftover yarn bits

Oh, yeah. lol. I suppose you’d like to see the finished blanket.


434 full view

Just look at how the white bits in the variegated Pop! and Sparkle! I don’t think they would if I’d included white stripes. I had brought a skein of white yarn down from the attic, but as soon as I realized I had far more yarns than I needed, I decided it was the one to be omitted. These results say I made the right choice!

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7 Responses to #18 – Rugby Scrum

  1. Jill Goldberg says:

    Lovely! I’d love to go for a scrabble around your attic one day, bet I’d find all sorts of interesting yarns 🙂

    • Oh, I don’t know how interesting – most of what’s up there is solid colored acrylic.
      Here’s an old photo of my acrylic charity stash. Things aren’t quite as neat up there at the moment, lol, but there are at least that many boxes of acrylic if not more, including one heaped with variegateds, which are always fun.

      Of course, there’s also the box of crochet cotton and the one of synthetic novelties – fun fur and the like. Now that would be entertaining to look through!

      Where do you keep your stash?

  2. Oo! I like this one! My daughter liked this one, too. 🙂

  3. Bettina says:

    Love it, Linda!!! Might well have to steal the sequence for one of my own 🙂

  4. daniellajoe says:

    ………has my colors exactly…..

  5. Rudi O says:

    Another Great afghan!!!! The Blue keeps it from being too Christmas-y & I agree about the White; if you had added white ripples, the variegated white wouldn’t have popped.

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