2013 Ripple #19 – Another Round One

I had nearly equal amounts of three sport weight yarns, Bernat Coordinates ‘Soft Blue’, a similarly crinkled yarn in blue/pink and an unknown plain white, so I decided on a simple repeating pattern of three rounds of each yarn for this ripple. I ran out of the white, which was of  a slightly lighter weight yarn than the other two and would have made a rather wimpy feeling edge, so I added two rounds of the sturdier-feeling solid blue before I measured.

435 close-up

The baby blanket was already bigger than I’d planned, 37″ in valley and 43″ at peak, so Ta-Dah!

Sky at Dawn

435 full view

The name would make more sense if you could see the blanket in person. Oddly, the crinkled blue/pink yarn appears grey in these photos. hmphf.

The blanket’s weight – fourteen ounces, the same as the 1st Baby Ripple, which was one inch smaller.

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2 Responses to 2013 Ripple #19 – Another Round One

  1. I just love Mondays! Sky is so sweet.

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