For Next Easter

I was quite surprised to see there were still some plastic Easter eggs left at a small local grocery store.

439 Easter eggs

My heart may have fluttered a little at the sight of them because I know that, usually, the longer seasonal items linger, the lower their prices go. So, instead of $1.00 per dozen. . .

439 eggs - price tags I only paid 25¢; that’s 75% off!! I wish there’d been several more bags, but I was still Very Happy cuz I also got these bunny candy crayon molds for half-off.

439 new bunny molds

They’re a little smaller than the ones I used for this Easter’s crayons, but that’s fine; what really matters is that I’ll be able to pour fifteen bunny crayons at a time next Easter, instead just three!

As a helper to the Easter bunny I’ve learned to ‘Think Easter’ all the time, like when I shopped for Easter stuffies at the all-town tag sale last month.

439 tagsale stuffies

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2 Responses to For Next Easter

  1. Verneta says:

    A Life Lesson: When one gives unselfishly to others it’s amazing how God drops down His blessing upon them! God bless you!

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