Ripple #21 and DIY Variegated

I apologize to those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for this week’s ripple post to appear. I blame the delay on the long holiday weekend.

If you’ve been an alottastitches reader for very long you’re probably able to guess who named this blanket. . .

Dusk in a Norwegian Wood.

440 full view

That’s right, my helpful DH is waxing poetic, again. lol.

Although it would have been nice to have found more than a small scrap ball of pale pink yarn in my charity stash, I’m quite happy with how the more ample amounts of black, burgundy (some plain and some chenille) and Red Heart Super Saver’s ‘Light Raspberry’ look with this unique variegated yarn.

440 close-up

Unfortunately, it turned out that there wasn’t quite enough of the variegated, so I tried to duplicate its color sequence with solid-colored yarns for the afghan’s last ripple point. What a mess of yarn ends I then had to deal with!

440 yarn ends

Once I had woven them all in I was pleased to see that my ‘make-do’ technique had worked pretty well!

440 the fix

Depending on the light, the two segments of grey are a little lighter,

440 make do

but I’m telling myself that a kid’s blanket isn’t likely to be laid out flat for ‘inspection’. Right?

Did I just hear a scattered chorus of readers answering “Right!!”? I sure hope so. lol.

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7 Responses to Ripple #21 and DIY Variegated

  1. Holy moly, Linda! You astound me! Home crafted variegated?! Wha?! Super job!

    You deserve time off just like everyone else, Dear. I hope you enjoyed! Besides, it just added to the suspense.

    Dusk in a Norwegian Wood is fabulous!

    • Kind-of a crazy solution, I admit, but it was only for the one point, so feasible.

      Three day weekends are wonderful! There was time enough for us to enjoy the Massachusetts Wool and Sheep festival, visit WEBS, hit a 50% off sale at Savers and still have time left to relax with a good book, or, in my case, a few years worth of Handwoven magazines. 🙂

      Hope you found time to relax too.

      “fabulous”, Oh My!. . .Thank You!!

  2. Bettina says:

    sounds like a weekend made in Heaven 🙂

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