Hopefully a Great Plan

When I looked through this tiny knitting pattern book, “Vogue Knitting on the Go! PONCHOS”, at the library

441 book, "Ponchos"

the ‘Icelandic Poncho’ pattern on page 72 caught my eye. I would like one, but without the matching ribbed cuffs, thank you very much.

441 poncho pattern photo

Then it occurred to me. . . since I’ve never knitted any kind of color work, I could probably turn a machine knit raglan sleeved sweater into a somewhat similar looking poncho much more easily than I could knit this one from scratch.

I started looking for an appropriate sweater.

Eventually I found this Eddie Bauer red wool one at Savers. HaPpY, HaPpY!!

441 red wool sweater

I would gladly have paid full price for it but they happened to be having a 50% off sale so it was only $5.00!

I’m going to unravel it from just below where the yoke design ends downward. Then I’ll swatch to find out what size knitting needle I’ll need to use to match the sweater’s stitch gauge. Finally I’ll put all the yoke’s live stitches on a looong circular knitting needle and knit a gradually increasing body. The pattern has you increase on every 20th round, which is about every 4 1/2″.

Hmmmm. Vogue suggests making it 23″ long measuring down from the shoulder, but I’m not sure how long I want my new capelet to be. – I’m calling it a ‘capelet’ cuz it looks more like a ‘capelet’ than a ‘poncho’ to me. lol – Anyway, guess I’ll just have to try it on as I go.

My plan sounds likely to work, don’t you think?

Savers also supplied me with four 3-ounce skeins of cream acrylic yarn for my charity stash, $1.00, and a Butterick sewing pattern, 50¢.

441 yarn and pattern

I primarily got the pattern for the two tops. They’re both very simple, suitable for sewing out of hand-woven fabric. . . another idea – to weave some fabric for clothing. I’ll try the patterns out on store-bought fabric first; maybe I’ll make myself some summer pj’s.

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4 Responses to Hopefully a Great Plan

  1. summer pjs? you must have very different summers to us! Over here, you don’t need no pjs when it’s that hot!!!!!!! 🙂

    • I doubt that New England’s summer temps get anywhere near yours, but I happen to agree with your ‘no pjs necessary’ policy, so I suppose it would have been more accurate to call my future outfit “lounge wear”. lol.

      (Jill’s in South Africa, where it’s autumn now. You should check out her blog!)

  2. Beth says:

    Wow! That’s really creative and imaginative. I never would have thought of that.

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