Catching Up

Savers stores seem to hold half-off sales about once a month. I showed you one half-off haul on Friday and yet have another ready to show you today. Obviously I’ve fallen seriously behind on showing you my fiber and crafts finds!

The thrifty treasures I’m sharing with you today start with the Savers Memorial Day pre-sale, held the day before the much more widely advertised Memorial Day sale. Only Savers cardholders receive the e-mails announcing these special sales. I think it’s worth the bother of signing up and carrying yet another card. With the ‘magic card’ you’ll receive a 50% discount on anything from the clothing, shoes, accessories, and bed & bath departments. Bed & bath includes yarn, fabric and other craft supplies!

Savers usually puts one to three skeins of yarn in each tagged bag. The seven bags I chose held these Nineteen Skeins of mostly novelty yarns. With the sale discount, I paid less than 50 cents a ball. He-He-Hee!!

443 novelty yarns

I’m especially looking forward to playing with the rust/green blend, Knit One Purl Two’s ‘Sublime with Lurex’, which is primarily mohair with a little twinkle of metallic gold. Discontinued, it apparently wasn’t a very popular yarn as I only found one project! made with it, not much help in deciding how I will use my single skein.

The green yarn right behind it is Debbie Mumm’s Traditions in the color, ‘Pine Needle’, which has loong color changes of several shades of green. There’s no shortage of inspiration for this one with over 180 projects to look through! I must say it seems to be the perfect yarn for knitting a chameleon or an ivy-like scarf.

I also got this Caron one pound of ‘Scarlet’ for $2.00.

443 Scarlet

A small pile of clothes begged to come home with me. It included four sweaters, three of which are beautiful shades of teal, that we’ll unravel for yarn. What could I do? All the sweaters I picked out were only $1.50 a piece, including the unique teal mini eyelash one, which I’ve already finished unraveling for a yield of twelves shimmering ounces. . .

443 teal eyelash yarn

and the yummy lambswool/angora bunny one that I’m still working on.

443 teal lambswool/angoraI’ve unraveled six ounces of its very fine yarn so far with about 1/3 of the back and all the front yet to go.

A couple of days later at Sal’s nothing I bought was on sale, but every item I got was a great buy all the same.

Simply judging by the heft of this blanket bag filled with yarn, I thought I’d found a very good deal at $4.99.

443 bag o'yarn

Anxious to find out just how much yarn I’d gotten, I weighed it as soon as I got home. . . Six Pounds, that’s how much!

443 box-o'-yarn

It’s primarily partial skeins of Red Heart Super Saver. . .

443 6 lbs. of YARNincluding a very nice assortment of variegated ones. Just imagine all the ripple color combos this will inspire.

443 variegated RHSS yarns

This crocheted broomstick baby blanket was in Beautiful condition!

443 hair-pin lace baby blanketThe check-out clerk volunteered that the woman who donated it said she’d recently had a baby Boy. I very happily paid $1.99 for this summer weight blanket and sent it on its way to a foster baby.

Finally, I couldn’t resist this little cutie for $4.99.

443 tiny loomAlthough I’m sure the Bon Hop loom was originally marketed as a toy and it’s weaving width is only about 6″, it is a real loom and weaves quite well! It is perfect for making narrow straps or belts, as well as for sampling new weaving patterns and it cost far less than the Ashford Sample-It Loom I admired at that fiber fest in April!

I found some blog posts at BoogaJ about another weaver’s adventures with a Bon Hop, – interestingly they paid $5 for theirs too, back in 2009 – as well as a pdf of its instructional manual, which will be helpful when it’s time to rewarp. If you’re interested, follow the link and then just scroll down to the 1/9/09 post and the three posts preceding it.

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10 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Denise says:

    Wow, you’re an inspiration. I wish I knew how to blend colors like you.

    • Thank you Very Much for the compliment, Denise, but I’m not sure what project caught your eye. I, unfortunately, can’t take credit for the pretty fringed baby blanket in this post; I bought that one! lol.

      As far as blending colors, I think anyone gets better at it with practice. In the meantime, please feel free to copy any color combo I’ve used. 🙂

  2. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    What a haul!!! Which we had those stores around here, but I can’t find any. So far I haven’t found any yarns at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores and that’s about all we have.
    Also, love the baby blanket. Is it hairpin lace or broomstick lace? It looks like broomstick to me, but I can’t see it really good. I’m doing shawls with hairpin lace right now and love it. I also passed your site on to a friend and she loves your afghans and stories too.

    • I wish you could find thrifty yarns too, Sharon! It’s such fun. I love the suspense and element of surprise. Will I find anything ‘good’ today? And if I do, what might it be?
      Don’t forget to check out any little independent thrift stores in your area too, those run by churches, hospital auxiliaries, and the like. There’s one on my way to my favorite grocery store that only charges $1.00 per ball or skein of yarn, regardless of size or fiber content!

      You’re right – that baby blanket is broomstick lace! Don’t know why I called it hairpin. A brain hiccup I guess. lol.
      I’ve never done broomstick lace myself, but I remember my mom making several broomstick afghans. I recently gave away the piece of actual broomstick that my uncle sanded and stained for her. I know she’d be happy that someone is enjoying the use of it.
      I did make one hairpin lace baby blanket, mmmmm, maybe twenty? years ago, but I’ve not done another since. I’d love to see your shawls; I bet they’re gorgeous.

      Thanks so much for sharing alottastitches with your friend. . . the more the merrier. 🙂

      Hello!! to you, ‘Another Sharon’s Friend’, and Welcome!! I hope you’ll keep coming back to see what I’ve been up to.

      I’ll go correct that hairpin / broomstick error now. – shaking head

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on the great haul! I can’t wait to see what yummy ripples those variegated skeins will make it into! The carnival looking one all the way to the left might spark an echo of your crayon projects, perhaps. So exciting!!!!

    • It makes me think of when you open a new box of crayons for the first time, how you had to take a deep sniff of that ‘new’ crayon smell? My whole house smells like that when I recycle crayons! lol.

      ‘New Crayons’, possible name for a ripple.

      • Oh, my goodness. Now, I must do some crayons! Maybe, Yankee Candles or Scentsy could make some money selling the “New Crayon Box” scent. Haha!

        Did you organize your crayon boxes by color, too? All those pointy purples…

      • I bet lots of people would recall pleasant crayon memories after a whiff of our ‘New Crayon Box’ scent! – Let’s split the royalties, shall we?. . . We’re gonna be Rich! HAha.

        Honestly, I can’t remember if I organized my crayons by color or not.
        But I do remember snuggling in bed under a tent of blankets and coloring in coloring books. . . by flashlight! lol. It cast a yellowish light, which distorted the colors, so there was always a Surprise! come morning when I got to see what I’d actually created.

  4. Sandi S says:

    WOW – such great luck!! The only time I ever find yarn at Goodwill – it’s yarn we can’t use. And that loom – you could always make some scarves in the winter to send to the foster kids for Christmas??

    • I’m not sure. . . is it luck or sheer persistence? lol. Maybe I should keep track of how often I visit a thrift and find Nothing crafty.

      I love the idea of weaving cute little scarves! But, sadly, they’ve been declared unsafe for kids – catching in school bus doors and such.

      Eventually I’m going to weave some blankets for the kids. . . on a little Bigger loom though. HAha.

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