Another Re-Finished Granny

It’s been so long I can’t remember when I last re-finished an afghan! Turns out I did ‘Little Boy Blue’ way back in October. . . of 2011!! lol. It’s about time I re-finish another, don’t you think?!? Especially since I wrote about buying this small pink and white granny over a year ago!

293 Big PINK Granny Square

All I wanted to do was to enlarge it from a baby-sized blanket of just over three feet across to a kid-sized one. A simple enough project, right? So I grabbed my one full skein of RHSS Medium Purple and went to town. But that only made it through five measly rounds! My blanket was nowhere near being ‘re-finished’. sigh

The light pink yarn I had didn’t quite match the granny’s light pink, so I didn’t want to put it next and I had no lavender yarn. How about some hot pink?

Nope, that made the Medium Purple look drab.

O.K. . . I figured I’d just use up a partial skein of white and then do the hot pink!

Three rounds each of white and hot pink later my blanket was over four feet, which could have been big enough, but I thought the outer-most stripe should be as wide as the earlier pale pink and purple ones with at least five rounds. Plus, I wanted to give this granny a nice edging. So I just kept going.

Well, the pale pink I’d pulled out earlier made a final stripe of only four instead of five rounds, but that would simply have to be wide enough. And now I needed to find another yarn for the blanket’s edging.

Ah, ha. . . an idea struck. I pulled out the box of yarn that Sandi sent me a few months ago and found a partial skein of yet another pale pink!

Phew. This wasn’t such a simple re-finish project after all, but I think it was a very successful one.

446 draped granny


A girly girl’s pink and purple granny. . .

446 landscape view

It’s so big, nearly five feet across, I couldn’t figure out how to easily get the entire thing in a photo!!


The first round of the edging is easy peasy: All hdcs, with 3 hdc worked in each corner space.

For the second round I made some small changes in the scalloped edging that I first did on the Thrifty Granny. Each 3 chain loop is now centered over a 3 dc granny cluster in the blanket’s last granny round.

446 corner

Although I know it was simple to crochet, these step-by-step directions make the second round seem rather complicated! Obviously I’m not a professional crochet pattern writer/editor. sigh. Good Luck. If it doesn’t go well you can always use the simpler version that’s in that Thrift Granny post. Here goes. . .

Second round of edging:  You want your first 3 sc to be centered over a space between two granny clusters that you made two rounds below, so watch the stitches down and do slip stitches until you’re above the last dc in a cluster. Then do * 3sc, chain 3, skip 1 hdc. Check to see that the group 3sc is centered over the space between granny clusters before repeating from *, til you near the first corner.

**To keep the stitch pattern centered as it goes around the corner do 3 sc, centered like always over the space between the last two granny clusters before the corner, then chain 3 and skip 1 hdc.

Next do two sc, one in the last hdc before the corner space and one in the first of the three hdcs that are in the corner space.

Then chain 3, skip 1 hdc, and do another two sc, this takes you beyond the corner so you now return to the regular edging pattern of. . . chain 3, skip 1, 3 sc centered over the space between granny clusters two rounds below, repeat til you near the next corner. Then repeat from the ** above.

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5 Responses to Another Re-Finished Granny

  1. the colours are perfect 🙂

  2. Aww! It turned out great! I love all the purply pink! Great job!
    I think this blanket has been hugely improved!

  3. Kathy says:


  4. Beth says:

    The soft purple adds just the right touch. So pretty.

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