What’s Been Goin’ On

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting as often as usual. It’s all because I innocently decided to get rid of our corner china cupboard. Let me explain.

I’d been thinking about how infrequently we use our ‘good’ dishes – I mean, really, when did we last use them?, at least a year ago, maybe two. I’d also been thinking about how we could definitely put that space to better use.

I decided to keep a few of the dishes; they’re pretty after all. A small oval platter now holds Emily’s food and water. Nothing’s too good for our little princess. HAha.

448 Emily's new platter

And I donated the rest to the little thrift in town. Whatever money they get for them will go into an emergency fuel fund, a good enough cause.

Then we sold the corner cupboard from the end of our driveway. Once it was gone I had to paint the corner where it had sat for years. I’d painted the dining room, all except for behind this cupboard and the desk, as part of the craft room/entry way project last year.

Ta-dah! One freshly painted dining room corner. – That’s Emily’s carpet-covered cat tree peeking in from the right.

448 freshly painted corner

I hurriedly stuck up that assortment of stuff as a way to distract from the Big Plain Round Basket that’s concealing the metal cap over a hole left from a long removed stove chimney. Hopefully it won’t need to hang there long. DH is going to put wooden trim around the back edge of this Noah’s ark print.

448 ark hanging over desk

The trim will raise the back of the picture off the wall so it will fit over the stovepipe thingie, which sticks out of the wall about half an inch. Clever, eh?

O.K., I hear you saying, “But wait just a minute – painting that little corner couldn’t have taken that long.” And you’re right, it didn’t. What took so much time was painting the kitchen: walls, cupboards, thresholds and window frames. The freshly painted corner in the dining room made the kitchen right next door look pretty bad in comparison!

I presented the idea of painting the kitchen to DH and he quickly answered ‘Not a problem.’, probably because he figured the most he’d have to do was bring the cans of paint up from the basement and the stepladder in from the garage. After all I had painted the craft room and the dining room all by myself. But what he didn’t know was that. . . since he had the week off. . . I was really, really hoping he’d help me paint the kitchen cupboards! Yes, we have Painted Cupboards. Some are old and metal, original to our 1920’s house, while others are newer wooden ones that were built to match the style of the originals.

Amazingly, my sweet DH was still game! He removed all the handles and hinges, stripped their old paint, and lightly sanded the doors and drawer fronts in preparation for painting.

And paint them I did!, two coats, which made our funky old cupboards – we took the doors off the upper cabinets years ago – look pretty darn good, if I say so myself. lol. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a Job Well Done. – a loud contented sigh.

448 kitchen cupboards

Someday DH is going to build open shelves that will extend over to the left, ending at the end of the counter. Then that electric outlet, which we added, will be hidden behind the microwave like we planned, instead of sitting out in the middle of nowhere as it is now. lol.

These are the windows I look out as I do dishes.

448 kitchen windows

I usually get to watch the entertaining antics of visitors to our assortment of bird feeders,

448 birdfeeders

but they were absent at this moment, probably because we forgot to refill the feeders while we were ‘on vacation’.

I think we deserve to take another week ‘off’ soon, don’t you? – Even though I still haven’t painted that little wall behind the desk. lol.

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10 Responses to What’s Been Goin’ On

  1. i think the bit of your kitchen you have shown us looks STUNNING, I love the colours you’ve chosen, and the open-fronted shelves – and no-one notices that electrical outlet except you. Honestly, those pics could be in a magazine ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also quite fancy your roll-top desk, I guess it’s an antique? It’s beautiful.

    • THANKS!! The blue is the same as before – the color we picked for the woodwork throughout our whole house. I love it!
      Yeah, I suppose you’re right. That outlet bugs me cuz it’s a nagging reminder of what we have yet to do.
      A magazine? Certainly not ‘House Beautiful’. ROFL. . .’This Old House’, perhaps.

      Yes, the desk is an antique that we bought at an auction many years ago. It was love at first sight. According to some dealers in the audience we paid too much considering that the hutch part is gone, but we didn’t care! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    Wow, I agree, love the look. I love old houses and antiques anyway. Have a few from my ancestry. You probably have already told me but I don’t remember where you live? What state is good enough. My husband asked when I showed him the view out your kitchen window. We are country people, don’t think I could survive in the city. Right now we are in a country atmosphere with lots of large oak trees around but still too close to neighbors to suit me. We had 10 acres in Mich before we moving down here to Fla. Miss it. Had to move for my health – out of the cold. Anyway, we are seriously thinking of selling and going RVing full time. Maybe we’ll meet you sometime. Sure enjoy your updates and all your ripple patterns.

    • We love old stuff too! Which is fortunate because we’re nearly ‘old’ ourselves. HAha.

      We live on five mostly wooded acres in Connecticut, but the woods you see out that window are actually our neighbor’s. No house, just acres of woods. We met the owner shortly after we moved in and the way he talked that day we thought he would eventually sell some building lots but, thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet!

      Everywhere we ever rented was in the city, but all along I knew that some day we’d have our own place in the country. At first I thought it would be a big old farm-style house but, when we actually started looking, we soon realized that we had to choose between either a big house or a hunk of land. We’ve never regretted going for the land.

      It would be great fun to meet you and your hubby!

  3. Beth says:

    The magazine that would fit your house is “Country Living.” LOVE your house and the colors and the view out the kitchen window and, and, and…… I really admire you and hubby for taking off old paint and all that WORK but the looks are definitely worth it. And I do love that color of blue. Now, if you can, put out the birdseed so you can have entertainment while enjoying the fruits of your labors!!

    • Thank you, Beth, and I admire the complex knitting you do – those intricate cables, all that WORK!! But you’re likely to say, oh, it’s just knitting, just like I say, oh, it’s just painting. ๐Ÿ™‚
      It never fails to impress me how much difference a little can of paint can make in the way a room looks and feels!

      DH promises to put out some suet and seed for our feathered friends tomorrow.

  4. yarnchick40 says:

    what a lovely job ๐Ÿ™‚ a freshening up of the house feels so good, I may just do some soon. thanks for inspiring me!

    • Thanks, Lisa!
      At the pace I’m going, averaging one room every six months, I wonder whether I’ll get the whole house ‘freshened’ before the first room needs doing again! Fortunately our house is small, so maybe I’ll make it. lol.

  5. tiniree says:

    Linda – Absolutely Lovely! Had to laugh at the “domino” painting job, LOL! We did that almost exactly except we started in the dining room, which made the living room look bad, which of course meant the entry way, then up the stairs. Oh and then the landing……….

    • My advice. . . keep your bedroom and bathroom doors closed or you’ll end up wanting to paint them too! lol.

      Our bathroom’s next. It’s going to be a bit more complicated because we plan to rip out the vanity and put in a pedestal sink. Know a good plumber?

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