Shopping on Craigslist

I was very disappointed when a recent attempt to buy a loom found on Craigslist fell through, but that certainly didn’t stop me from getting excited the other day when I saw a listing for weaving equipment:

“2 Schacht maple boat shuttles 11 inch with bobbins, $23 each; 2 Schacht maple boat shuttles 13 inch with bobbins, $25 each; additional plastic bobbins, $1 each; 4 14 inch hardwood stick shuttles, $4 each; Harrisville manual hardwood bobbin winder, $43; 2 threading hooks, $3 each; brass sley, $6; Harrisville 12 yard warping board, $80; 4.5 yard warping board, $55. Nilec Leclerc 2 harness table loom is still available, $225 or best offer. See earlier ad.”

Having watched this YouTube video of weaving with a boat shuttle and having used one for the first time at the weaving guild’s demo day, I wanted all of the boat shuttles. But, of course, once you have boat shuttles, you need a bobbin winder to fill the bobbins to ride in your boats. And a couple extra threading hooks. . . well, that’s always a good idea! Like screwdrivers, they seem to disappear just when you need one most.

Luckily I wasn’t tempted by that particular table loom and I already have a warping board, in pieces in the garage alongside my big old floor loom. So I immediately sent off an email hoping for the bobbin winder, boat shuttles and threading hooks. I’m sure the process of buying through Craigslist will get easier with a little practice, but I think that waiting to hear whether an offer has been accepted or not will probably always be painful!

pick me! pick me. pick me! pick me. . .

Yippee!! Lisa did pick me and the next Saturday afternoon, having driven about an hour into western Massachusetts, we arrived as she was working on some fascinating fabric dolls. The three of us quickly fell into conversation about project and our personal craft histories. We soon discovered that Lisa, like DH and I, is 57. It was interesting to talk about the role different crafts have played during different stages of our lives and what we hope to do next. When I mentioned that I want to teach weaving, Lisa volunteered that she once taught weaving classes at her local library! It was so much fun to swap ideas!

Too soon DH and I had to tear ourselves away so we would have time to explore Webs, ‘America’s yarn store’ and its warehouse on our way home. We knew they closed at 5:30.

All I’m going to say about our visit is that if you knit, crochet, weave, or spin and ever find yourself near Northampton, Massachusetts, you should really go to Webs!! It’s wonderful.

Introducing my Beautiful ‘New’ weaving toys, including the four extra bobbins that Lisa kindly threw in. Thank you, Lisa!

454 craigslist - boat shuttles, etc.

I can’t wait to play with all of them! squeal.

DH is going to add a table clamp to the bobbin winder so I can more easily use it one-handed. I want to try plying fine yarns and threads with it, as seen in this video, what a fun and seemingly easy way to combine colors and textures!

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