Three Bagsful

Three bags of goodies were waiting for me at the library when I recently dropped off some more summer baby blankets.

455 three bags

One held eleven pounds of used crayons, already sorted, which I’ll turn into Rainbow Crayons.

455 crayons

I must finish a batch soon! July doesn’t usually offer the best weather for baking crayons, but I just got an email asking for toys to go into sand pails for this summer’s foster program picnic.

The other two bags held yarn, some acrylic yarn for ripples and. . .

455 acrylic yarn

a beautiful assortment of wool colors to become ? ? ?, I’m not sure what.

455 wool yarn

These are mini skeins, but not that mini. This is almost a pound and a half of worsted weight yarn! Here, I’ll add a skein of acrylic for size comparison.

455 wool with a skein for comparison

Obviously it’s from a kit of some kind, maybe for a sweater? It would have been interesting to see the pattern’s photograph, to know how the colors were intended to be arranged, but now I’m free to turn this yarn into whatever I want! What fun. I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike.

Before I had the chance to even photograph let alone write about those three bags I got a note that another was waiting for me!

455 one bag

More yarn for ripples! – Over three pounds of it!! WHooo-hoo.

455A yarn pile

Thank you generous people, whomever you are!!

This particular yarn label caught my eye immediately.

455A Loblolly yarn label

I’ve never heard of ‘Loblolly’ yarn before. Have you? For some reason the word sounds Australian to me, but I can’t imagine them making Creslan yarn in Australia when they have all those sheep! lol.

Mmmmmm, I can easily see myself designing two ripples around the colors in the top row.

455A sorted yarn colors

Oy, yoy. . . more pale yellow, and the largest skein of the bunch too. a sigh of resignation.

P.S. Out of curiosity, I looked up the meaning of ‘loblolly’. Hunh. None of the definitions sound very appropriate for a yarn name: 1. a mudhole, 2. a kind of tree, 3. under ‘regional note’ – food boiled in a pot, but, given those choices, I guess I’ll go with the tree!

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12 Responses to Three Bagsful

  1. RButka62 says:

    you always seem to find such great deals! You truly are an amazing person:)

    • Hey Renee!
      You’re so right, these would’ve been ‘great deals’ if I’d found them at a thrift store or tag sale, but they were even better than that because they were all Free!! – gifts from the charity that takes my blankets.

      Amazing – ME?? I don’t think so. But you can definitely color me very grateful for these wonderful bags of goodies, even that pale yellow yarn. lol. 🙂

  2. Nice catch 🙂 Those little skeins of wool – they aren’t from a tapestry (needlepoint) kit, are they? If so, they will be 100% natural wool, and you could FELT with them 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Beautiful, bountiful yarn! When I saw all those small “skeins” of yarn, I thought Fair Isle! Have you ever done any Fair Isle knitting? I have and it’s enjoyable and fun. Really.

    • No, I haven’t done any Fair Isle knitting. . . yet!, but it’s on ‘The List’ of things I want to learn how to do, like rug hooking, machine quilting, continental knitting, which I’ve at least tried, entrelac, etc..

      I’ve watched this video of the two-handed fair isle technique several times and also have one of the many Philospher’s Wool pattern books to inspire me, but I have yet to even make the little sampler purse that they recommend.

      What say we get together this winter and you can show me how you do Fair Isle? 😀
      But, seriously, do hold your yarns with one or two hands?

  4. What a haul!! Okay, soooo….the wool. ANY wool you find a great deal on, I have some ideas. Now, I do like wool okay. I used to work with it exclusively because I knit cloth diaper covers for babies. But once I got back to the south and subsequently stopping knitting for extra cash, I had too much wool that I wasn’t sure what to do with. And every so often I find myself with a wooly downfall (because I can’t resist yarn when it’s heavily marked down) When I find myself with a bunch of wool (and now that I unravel, I can get all the cheap wool I want) I will offer it up on Ravelry for trade for acrylics. People have been very generous, happily digging into their machine washable “cast offs” to trade for yarn. I belong to the group Karma Yarn Swap and love it!!

    For my color schemes, I always look for inspiration in scrapbook magazines. I did this when I knit striped baby pants ( and couldn’t think of my own colors schemes. Those lines of paper and accessories are a great source of “what can I use this weird peach for?” I have actually cut out ads and pasted them in a journal, with a list of all the colors I see in the swatch, noting which should be dominate or if they should all play equally. Just an idea I like to pass along to other people who love colors 😉 I am on my third ripple right now and loving it!!

    • Thanks for sharing all these Great Ideas with us!

      I have ALOT of wool that I have no particular plans for, lol, but, since it’s so easy to find ample charity acrylic locally, I’m going to hang onto all my wool for now. Besides, I’m kind of in love with the mix of rich colors in those mini-skeins. swoon.

      I cut out color-combo ideas from ads too! Here are a just a couple of the resulting ripples, last year’s #47, and #26.

      I had such fun looking through your collection of brightly striped baby pants! – a new place for me to visit when I need color-combo help.

      Ripple Away!! 😀

  5. Those. ARE GORGEOUS!!!! Great minds I tell you. I need to sit down with some coffee and start at the beginning of your blog! Better than a novel, for sure!! I especially love the ripple based on the scarf. Such happy colors!!

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