A Berry Haul

I’ve picked the last of the Pixwell gooseberries to sell, which is a very good thing because, as you can see, the blueberries are really starting to take off and I don’t want to be out there picking forever – I have crocheting and weaving to do!

461 blueberries plus

In order to get to the blueberries before the birds – Did I mention yet that the bird netting we usually put around the blueberries first and move over to the blackberries once the blueberries are finished had to go directly on the blackberries this year to keep the deer away?! Why they’ve suddenly decided that blackberry plants are so tasty we don’t know. – Anyway, as I was saying, trying to get to the blueberries before the birds do, I pick them a little on the sour side. . . no sweet ripe blueberries on the bushes, no birds drawn to eat them. Thankfully this seems to be working as I see very little bird damage.

Score: People Brains – 1, Bird Brains – 0! lol.

Then I spread the blueberries out to dry and leave them on the kitchen counter to ripen for 24 hours before we eat or freeze them.

461 tray of blueberries

I enjoy working in the garden most during the cool morning hours. If I start around seven o’clock and move from the front of our yard toward the woods I can stay in shade the entire time I pick! Right now picking only takes about an hour and a half every other day. lol. But when we hit peak season I may choose to alternate between picking blueberries and yellow raspberries one day and red raspberries on the next. For now I can spend the precious morning shade hours of the non-berry days doing other outdoor chores.

That’s a lot of time to spend in ‘mosquito country’. They’re especially bad now because it’s been a very wet summer. I find this deet-free spray, Natrapel, indispensable. It’s non-toxic, yet quite effective!

461-Natrapel bug spray

Be forewarned, it’s one active ingredient is 10% citronella, so it’s Very Fragrant!! The can says “REFRESHING SCENT”. I suppose that’s one way of describing it. lol. But all that really matters to me is that the stuff WORKS!! I wouldn’t want to try picking berries in our yard without it.

I leave you now with a pic of our daylilies and phlox.

461 phlox and dayllies

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9 Responses to A Berry Haul

  1. Liz says:

    Happy berry picking. Love the pics.

  2. i’m jealous of all your berries! you gonna make a zillion blueberry pies?

    • Some people don’t do windows. . .well, I don’t do pies. lol. Although I did once make a batch of blueberry pie filling with orange zest and various spices to use as ice cream and pancake topping! Writing this reminds me, there’s still a couple little containers of it in the freezer. yum.

  3. Sandi S says:

    If you would like a better Deet Free spray – you really should try AVON Skin so Soft bug repellent. Everyone I know swears by it and there’s no citronella. Worth a try??

    • Thanks for the suggestion Sandi! I’d heard about Skin so Soft before but I didn’t really know anything about it so I just did a little on-line research.

      Sorry, but I don’t think I want to try it. Citronella may not smell very good, but it’s effective and harmless. Skin so Soft, while DEET-Free, lists as its active ingredient beta-alanine, n-acetyl-N-butyl-, ethyl ester/carboxylic acid 20.0%!! Some forms also list Picaridin. Harmless? I don’t know. :S

      • Sandi S says:

        AAAAHHHH – SORRY!! So many of the ladies in my office swear by it and most of them are pretty aware of that sort of thing so I just figured it would be fairly safe!! Guess you know what they say about “ASSuming”!! hehehe Oh well – it was a thought!! Good luck with those bugs – and enjoy some of those yummy berries for me since I can’t!!

      • That’s O.K. – It’s the caring thought that counts – You were only trying to be helpful! 🙂

        Oh, so sorry I can’t share my berries with you. I’ll just have to enjoy them enough for both of us.
        Is it the seeds? I’d gladly make you some juice!

  4. tiniree says:

    The only truly Deer-proof plant is one planted indoors, LOL! The berries are making my mouth water. We had some berries growing in our garden in Colorado. But, alas, not here in AZ 😦

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