What a Day!!

DH and I may start celebrating June 1st as an annual holiday, just so we’ll always remember what a special day it was for me this year!

The Craigslist ad read: “I have a Kromski Harp 24″ Heddle loom for sale…in perfect condition…I have all the paperwork (receipts and installation instructions…there is also a floor stand, …”

It was this rigid heddle loom with a floor stand, very similar to the one I ‘met’ at the guild demo day in May!

463 Kromski loom on stand

And it continued. . .”  shuttles, yarn beater etc…asking 225 or best offer ”

What you can’t tell from the ad is that the mere word, ‘shuttles’, meant. . .

463 "shuttles"

not just the two stick shuttles that originally came with the loom, but three smaller stick shuttles, two pick up sticks, a ski shuttle, and two boat shuttles! If you’ve read the past few posts you already know how much I like boat shuttles, and now I have two extras for my future weaving students to use. Yay!

And the ad didn’t even mention (going clock-wise starting at upper right) the inkle loom, two extra rigid heddles of different densities, the bobbin winder or the three cones of yarn that were also part of this incredible deal!

463 heddles, winder, inkle loom

But wait, there’s more. . .

When I called to let them know we were on our way to pick up the loom, I thought to ask if they might have any weaving books that they’d like to sell. I was told there were no books and that all the weaving magazines they’d had were already given away or thrown out. groan. But then, when I was handed the box of weaving tools to carry out to our car, I peeked inside. “Oh, Look! There is a weaving book after all! And it’s one that I don’t already have too!!”

463 'Weaving Made Easy'

It was ‘Weaving Made Easy’ by Liz Gipson with 17 rigid heddle weaving projects. Click on the link for a ‘Look Inside’!

It wasn’t until we got home that I discovered three more weaving books and the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Handwoven magazine hiding under the tools. What a wonderful surprise!

463 three more weaving books and a mag

But. . .

there was Even More to come! lol.

When I handed them a bouquet of flowers from our garden – Wish I’d thought to take a picture. It was a mix of hot pink single peonies, pale pink sweet rocket and purple flags. – she asked if we’d like some eggs from their hens.

I estimate we got well over $700 worth of weaving toys . . . as well as eight Very Fresh eggs!!! lol.

On our way home we stopped at a few tag sales, but all I bought was this. . .

463 white thread

Kinda looks like a roll of toilet paper, doesn’t it? lol. But actually it’s a Huge spool of very strong thread, even bigger than a roll of toilet paper and weighing over two pounds! I haven’t done a burn test yet, but my best guess is that it’s cotton/polyester. $1.00

Yeah, that may have been all I bought, but it wasn’t the only thing that we somehow managed to fit into our car. These pillow forms and densely packed bales of polyester stuffing came from a pile marked FREE where a tag sale had already closed for the day.

463 FREE

I don’t know how much 10 pounds of stuffing or 2 pillow forms usually go for, but I know that FREE is always the Best price one could hope for! lol. I’ve already passed on the rainbow-colored stuffed dolphin, new coloring book and two  girls’ pink sweatshirts (new with tags) that also came from that FREE pile.

Oh!, and I haven’t told you yet that before we went to get the loom. . .

I hit a church rummage sale only about three miles from our house.

There was No Yarn, but I did get myself two pairs of great fitting Lee Riders jeans – size 8!, which I would normally passed by as being too small but I was prodded to try them on by a church ‘helper’ who happened to know the jeans’ original owner  and was sure they’d fit – plus two cute little swing-style cardis, and five find-gauge cashmere and/or lambswool sweaters that I’ll either felt or unravel – all for 50¢ each! Sorry no pics – they’re all in the basement patiently waiting to be washed.

Then, since I was passing by on my way back home, I thought I’d run into the little thrift just long enough to check its craft shelf. Seriously, I went in hoping for white and cream crochet cotton to complete my collection.

And that’s how I got this group of cottons,

463 cotton yarns

these lovely novelties,

463 novelty yarns

and a loaf of day old whole grain bread, lol, all for $4.00.

What. A. Day!!

Remember, June 1st. Mark your calendars!

Next year it could be your turn.

P.S. If you’d like, you can read more about my ‘new’ loom, here.

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8 Responses to What a Day!!

  1. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    WOW!!! Sure wish we had thrift stores like that around here. I’ve never seen yarn in ours!!!
    Love your loom.

    • I visited the same store today and there was Zip!

      Thanks. It’s in the dining room that’s quickly becoming a weaving room, waiting for me to decide if the partially finished project that came on it is worth saving or not.

  2. Just keep weaving, weaving, weaving! I’m always blown away by your finds. I guess it’s like my cousin says, you have to go often to find the great deals.

    I have a question. I’ve seen you write about it before, but what is the burn test?

    (I wanted to say, “I have a question about your toilet paper roll,” but it’s really not about that, so I didn’t. Hahahaha!)

    • Craigslist has a Big advantage over most tag sales and thrift stores in that you can window shop from your easy chair! Just decide what you’re looking for and what towns/cities you’re willing to drive to and then Shop, Shop, Shop!! But when you call about a listing, it’s just like going to a tag sale – you have to be the ‘early bird’.
      It felt very odd to drive about an hour to go pick up my ‘new’ loom, but I think I’ve convinced myself that I actually saved gas because I know that I could have driven to a zillion tag sales and still not come across a single rigid heddle loom with a stand!

      Yes, I mentioned the burn test in an earlier post and another dear reader asked me what it was. I was supposed to remember to put in this informative link the next time. Geesh, sometimes my mind is like a colander. . . not quite as leaky as a sieve, but it still loses alot more information than I’d like! lol.

      Can’t blame you for being curious about why someone would want to burn toilet paper!! lol.

  3. daniellajoe says:

    That’s a great catch but the toilet paper looking thread is a gem. What are you going to make with it?

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