A Big Green Bin

I made 86 sets of crayons during last month’s crayon baking frenzy! I’m pretty sure that’s a new record. These are the same Rainbow Crayons that I’ve made before, mostly chunky round ones that I molded in muffin tins with at least one heart or flower added to each bag.

464 Rainbow Crayons

Eighty-six was enough sets to fill this large green plastic bin and one of DH’s over-sized shoeboxes. He made two cardboard discs that fit snugly in the Big Green Bin so I could make three layers of bagged crayons yet keep them from squishing each other. Kinda hard to explain, but it worked very well!

464 Big Green Bin and Shoebox

The Big Green Bin arrived at the library’s charity box shortly after I started working on this summer’s batch of Rainbow Crayons, filled to the brim with used crayons. Once production was over I sorted them by color and chopped them into bits.

464 box of crayon bits

Now, clearly labeled ‘Crayons’ in one of my lovely burgundy craft storage boxes,

464 box labeled 'Crayons'

they’ll patiently wait in my craft room until I’m ready to start on the next batch, probably in late September.

I easily have enough bits of old crayons to mold into Halloween and Christmas crayon sets! Woo-Hooo!!

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7 Responses to A Big Green Bin

  1. Kerrie says:

    You are such a great inspiration!

  2. Woohoo! I love your crayon posts! These look great as does your burgundy storage box with all those organized colors.

    I am going to try partnering with the elementary school near me. I know from working as an assistant that dud crayons often get tossed at the end of each semester. If they would be willing to give me the duds I will give them chunky, rainbow crayons they can add to their Fun Friday boxes.

    This way we all win! The crayons get recycled and reused. The teachers and students get prizes. I get the best part! I get to play with crayons!!!!!!

    I have one silicone pan that will give pumpkins, and a couple mini muffin pans as well. I believe they’re non-stick. Do you think that will matter, Linda?

    • I can’t imagine any reason why they wouldn’t save the dud crayons for you, Karen, especially since you’re offering them NEW Chunky Rainbow Crayons in exchange!!

      What are ‘Fun Friday boxes’?

      The non-stick muffin pans work just as well as plain metal ones.
      Don’t forget to keep the oven temperature low, like 250, to extend the life of your silicone pumpkin pan.

      Oh, the fun you’re going to have!! And your house will smell like a zillion new boxes of crayons too! lol. 😀

      • I will definitely be doing “Linda research” when I get ready to start. Thanks for the temp tip!

        Fun Friday boxes are prize boxes that the kindergarten teachers have. They’re filled with small items like special pencils, stickers, bracelets, and such. Each day the students work to get a green mark for good behavior. If they get green all week they are allowed to choose a prize from the box.

      • Oh, I think a Fun Friday box might be just the incentive I need to get me to weave more often! If only weaving could become a regular habit like crocheting kids blankets is – just think how quickly I would finish weaving projects.

        Hmmmm. What kind of rewards shall I put in my Fun Friday box?

  3. daniellajoe says:

    You all are having too much fun lol

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