Ripple #31 – Baby Steps

I’m nearing the end of this summer’s baby blanket project as I have very few colors of sport or dk yarns remaining that coordinate well. But this week’s color combo happens to be very traditional for baby blankets: Pink, Blue and White.

465 pink and blue close-up

The blue is the same crinkled yarn that appears rather greyed in #19, Sky at Dawn.

465 full view

And ‘Baby Steps’ is the third baby ripple that I’ve perked up with the five little skeins of ‘Petal Rose’ that I was given. I probably have enough left for even one more!

438 'Petal Rose' yarn

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4 Responses to Ripple #31 – Baby Steps

  1. Very pretty! It always fascinates me how colors behave differently depending on the other colors near it. Maybe, that’s part of my alottastitches addiction!

  2. Very pretty. I love these colors together – they are so soothing!

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