What’s This, Some Sort of Rerun?

Went to Sal’s.

Found many balls of new crochet cotton, still in cellophane, marked 99¢! Decided that at that price – even better than the $1.49 of my recent JoAnn on-line purchase – I’d buy it all. No, I’d buy it all except for the one ball of light orange and one ball of pale variegated, which are far from my favorite colors.

 469 crochet cotton in box

So you noticed the light orange and pale variegated balls in my box, eh?

Yeah, the store manager saw that I’d left them behind and asked me why I didn’t take them with the rest. So I told him I already had enough of those particular colors as he quietly slipped the two balls into my bag. He said he knew I’d ‘Do Some Good’ with them. lol. – He knows about my ripple charity project.

Well, I thought I was going to primarily weave with this crochet cotton,

469 Sal's crochet cotton sorted

but I suppose I could use some to crochet edgings on flannel receiving blankets, some ORANGE receiving blankets!! lol.

P.S. Notice all the different brands of crochet cotton: Royale, Caron, Aunt Lydia’s and DMC.

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11 Responses to What’s This, Some Sort of Rerun?

  1. What a great deal! And the colors look fantastic. 🙂

  2. Another great find! My grandson was born on Hallow’s Eve, so I think an orange edging on black or green or yellow would be wonderful for October and November babies! Added to some royal blue you’d have a good, sporty blankie. I know you’ll find somewhere it’ll work.

    • That little Salvation Army thrift store surprises me again and again!

      Well Karen, you know me so well. . . whenever I finally get around to edging flannel receiving blankets I’m going to start by using up the flannel I already have in stash. In the meantime I’ll keep my eyes open for thrifty flannel, especially some that will look Great with my Orange!! crochet cotton!

      I imagine your grandson feels bad for all his friends who don’t get to collect candy from neighbors on their birthdays. lol.

  3. tiniree says:

    Pretty colors. But geez, I can’t even imagine trying to crochet with something that thin, WOW!

  4. Becky D says:

    It looks like you have three shades of orange. I think they would make a nice version of that shawl with the unpronounceable and unspellable name. Or you could make some edgings for plain T-shirts or hankies. I recently used thread to crochet around a fleece blanket as the foundation then crochet with yarn into the thread base. The original blanket stitches were cheap and broke when I tried to crochet into them. Great find! I love working with thread, especially good thread, and don’t do it often enough. (I typically use a number 7 steel hook. LOL)

    • Yes, I got three different oranges: dark, light and vrgtd. It was the light one, proper name ‘Goldenrod’, that I thought I already had plenty of. It would look great as edging on a yellow, pale or bright, baby blanket too. It’s just that the idea of an ORANGE baby blanket tickled me. lol.

      Oh, you’re just filled with good ideas for crochet cotton! I had never thought of using it for the foundation round on a fleece blanket – very interesting. Please tell me more! Were you able to pierce the fleece with a fine crochet hook?

      I’m not real familiar with steel hook sizes, but a #7 is what you would use with this weight of thread, isn’t it? I think I could handle that – in really good light. lol.

      • Becky D says:

        When I removed the manufacturer’s cheap stitching, it left holes in the fleece, so I crocheted into those. I used the #7 hook, which is what I use with size 10 thread for doilies, to take elongated sc stitches all the way around. It was not hard to see and it did not take long. Link to the one I made: http://ravel.me/BeeHooks/vpq65
        It is a little hard to see the thread stitching in the photo.
        Fleece is too tough to push even a small hook like a #7 through without pre-existing holes. I tried my sharp crochet hook and that didn’t work too well creating holes.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of orange, but put it next to magenta and it’s “wow!” I just found a skein of Caron One pound at Joanns for $1.97 and while it wasn’t my favorite (persimmon) I know it could be matched up with something. Looked at my color clips and sure enough, magenta, lime, white and sky blue along with a peachy orange….looked AMAZING 🙂 (I owe you an email! I promise I’ll get to it. Super busy here!!)

    • Orange and Magenta sounds Yummy!, like Berries and Mangoes!!

      Congrats on the thrifty ‘pounder’, another great find!

      Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and write back whenever you can. There’s absolutely no hurry, remember how long it took me to get around to writing back to you?!, lol.

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