Mostly RHSS

On my last visit to Sal’s I saw fourteen skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn piled in a bookcase. They were all the older 8-ounce skeins, which contain 14% more yarn than today’s seven ounce ones, a nice bonus as they were still selling for 99¢ each like usual. Yay!

I chose five: three ‘Spruce’, one ‘Light Raspberry’, and one blue.

472A five skeins RHSS

Having worked on two, no, three granny blankets with green backgrounds, ‘Daisies in the Meadow’, ‘A Field of Wildflowers’, and ‘Flower Garden Granny’, a WIP, I knew better than to bring home the other NINE Skeins of RHSS ‘Spruce’. I like ‘Spruce’ well enough, but I know I couldn’t crochet my way through twelve skeins of any shade of RHSS green without growing Very Tired of it.

The single skein of ‘Light Raspberry’ reminded me of this piece of striped fleece that I noticed recently up in our attic. Don’t they play nicely together?

472A yarn & striped fleece

I’m going to crochet a light raspberry edging around the fleece. I’m very excited about this new charity project, a way to make more blankets for foster kids in less time! More info coming soon, but for now let’s look at the rest of my little haul!

Two cones of cotton thread for crocheting, or weaving.

472A two cottons

Two BIG cones! Even the smaller one weighs over a pound and the other almost Four!!  Yet they were only 99¢ and $1.99. Wow!, together that’s about five pounds, alottathread for $3.00! LOL.

Yes, the larger cone seems to have yellowed a little over the years and it’s not quite strong enough to use as a weaving warp – A warp is the lengthwise threads in a piece of handweaving. They are held under tension by the loom, so they need to be Strong. – but I can use it as weft (crosswise threads) or I can crochet with it.

Actually, maybe I can use it as a warp. . . if I double it! Doubled thread would be twice as strong. Basketweave is simple but pretty and uses double threads in both directions, as warp and weft. Here’s an example of the basketweave pattern.

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3 Responses to Mostly RHSS

  1. Liz says:

    As usual, you have it figured out and under control. Awesome.

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