It Won’t Be Long Now

So far we’ve only been bringing in windfall peaches to ripen and eat fresh,

475A windfalls

but it won’t be long before they’ll be ripening on the trees and then I’ll be busy, busy, busy preparing peaches for our freezer! slurp. I salivate at the mere thought of tree-ripened peaches!

It’s going to be an especially heavy crop this year.

475A loaded

So heavy DH has propped our older peach tree’s main limbs with boards to help support the weight of So Many Peaches!

475A boards under tree

The first time we experienced a heavy peach crop, nothing really compared to this year’s, we didn’t know to do this and a major limb split in two very close to this tree’s trunk! ouch.

We’re going to need as much freezer space as possible for the peaches so we’re challenging ourselves to eat All of this fall’s golden raspberry crop fresh. – These berries give us two crops per year, a lighter one in the early summer and a heavier one starting now. – To help us meet this goal I pick them in the evening instead of the morning because they’re more likely to be dry then, which maximizes their shelf life.

475A golden raspberries

You may never get to see more than this many golden raspberries at one time because I’ve been eating as many as I want while I pick and if DH helps, well then far fewer will make it to the house. HAha.

This is the rest of today’s harvest. That’s the tail end of this season’s blueberries, but the green beans are going strong, and our cherry tomatoes are starting.

475A beans plus

In a couple of more days we’ll get our first taste of ‘real’ tomato – BLTs anyone?

475A ripening large tomatoes

And there are many more of them to come!

475A green large tomatoes

You’d think that at this point we’d be tired of eating fresh fruit from our garden but No!, we’re not, because we know the best is yet to come. . .

475A ripening cluster of blackberries


Although the golden raspberries wait until evening, there’s still a very good reason for me to get out to the garden early in the morning. . .

Morning Glories.

475A morning glory in shade

Such a well-suited name!

Did you know that they start to fold the minute sunlight hits them?!

475A m'glory in the sun

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6 Responses to It Won’t Be Long Now

  1. i love morning glories, especially since my ex-husband was so seriously averse to them! he said they would take over the world if you let them. personally, I love a plant with initiative.

    • “a plant with initiative” – snort! 🙂
      They do shed a zillion seeds, but ‘Morning Glory Blue’ is so Amazing, I don’t mind the time it takes to pull the extra seedlings. – Someone should make yarn that’s exactly that shade of blue!

  2. Beth Holt says:

    Blackberries, blueberries, peaches…..they have all come and gone here in Alabama. And, I’ve never seen golden raspberries. Enjoy!

    • I imagine your growing season started waaaay before ours in the spring and will last far longer this fall too. Enough time for many more tomatoes to ripen! yum. We’ve only got about six weeks left before we expect our first frost.

      The golden raspberries aren’t very raspberryish in flavor. It’s a taste that’s difficult to describe. Best when fully ripe.

  3. tiniree says:

    Wow, such bounty! You & your husband certainly do have green thumbs 🙂 I loved your comment about a yarn in the exact shade of blue of the Morning Glory. Funny, because the first thought I had when looking at that pic was, “Wow, that would make a really great looking granny square!

    • Our thumbs aren’t always quite green enough. This is our second attempt at both blackberry and golden raspberry bushes. We had to find varieties that like our growing conditions. And we’ve given up on apples and plums. The bush fruits are so much easier!

      I have the feeling we’re both going to be watching for Morning Glory yarns!

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