#35 – 37 Three for Boys

It’s time to see how my next three fleece/yarn combos turned out!

474 three for the boys - before

I think the solid brick-red fleece and RHSS Painted Desert are a Great Match!

477A Brick Fleece

The piece of mocha fleece that I edged with Red Heart Strata, a discontinued worsted weight acrylic, looks real good too, quite masculine.

477A Mocha Fleece

I remember buying a couple different colorways of this self-striping yarn back when I was about to learn how to knit socks. According to these yarn color charts that must have been sometime around 2006-8.

I’m happy to have finally found a good use for this fun yarn, in colorway ‘Mosaic’, cuz it turned out that I don’t like wearing 100% acrylic socks, at all. Gave away the one pair that I’d finished.

477A Mocha Fleece - close-up

I still have to work in the two yarn ends on this one.  – That’s yet another nice thing about doing these fleece blankets; they have only two ends. Yay!

477A Football Fleece

What a nice match between the orange edging and football helmets! It’s rather funny that a vintage orange yarn matched so much better than any current one.

These blankets were such fun to make!

477A Three for Boys - finished

I’m very anxious to start my next so I grabbed this skein of ‘Water Lily’ from stash as inspiration. It looks like next week’s blankets will be for girls.

477A one girlie yarn pick

P.S. My Fleece Blanket Photo Tutorial is so long I’m splitting it into two parts. This Friday, September 6th, I’ll post Part One – Preparing the Fleece.

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6 Responses to #35 – 37 Three for Boys

  1. Verneta says:

    Turned out beautiful as always … stitched with love. Thank you for the soon-to-come tutorials. Have a blessed day!

    • Hi Verneta!

      Thank you. Your encouragement is especially appreciated today – I’m working on Part Two of the tutorial and just realized that I may have given up the striped fleece blanket, my photo model, a little prematurely. lol.

      Heading to the attic to see if any striped fleece trimmings were big enough that I saved them for the scrap box.

  2. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    Love em!!!
    What do you use to make the holes, they look so perfect? I’ve just started crocheting for
    Project Linus and this idea would also go so fast, I could do a lot more.
    I think everything you do is great.

  3. Barb says:

    What a great idea. I have seen this done with flannel and perle cotton…. but I really like this way of finishing fleece for a quick blanket. The kids will surely love these! Can’t wait to see your tutorial. Thanks in advance! ; )

    • How interesting that you mention flannel as I have a stash of that as well, thankfully not nearly as large as my fleece stash though, lol, only one storage binful. And with Perle cotton, eh? Would that by any chance be about the same weight as #10 crochet cotton?

      You’re very welcome, just a few more days to wait, lots of pictures! 🙂

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