Craigslist Strikes Again

This seller was motivated, so motivated that she placed a listing in both Craigslist and Ravelry. So really, there was no hope for me! lol. I couldn’t have helped but see it on one website or the other.

I was very surprised because I’d never found a second-hand Japanese SAORI* loom offered for sale before! As soon I realized what all was included: an SX60 SAORI* loom,

476 SAORI SX60 Loom

two extra reeds,

476 two extra reedsone of which is a special comb reed with a removable cap that allows you to rearrange warp strands while you work on a project,

476 comb reedand two accessories that, as far as I know, though I could be wrong,

476 two boxed accessoriesare exclusive to Saori looms. . .

476 boxes opened

a harness and reed holder, which allows you to thread and sley while sitting at a table,

476 reedholder

and a cross holder, which maintains a warp’s cross for you so you can more easily take a break while threading the loom,

476 crossholder

I contacted her!

Although they weren’t included in either of the ads, when we picked up the loom I was also given two new pre-wound warps. Thank you, Gail! One seems to match the ‘Mushroom Pink Pure Wool Warp’ shown at the top of this listing of Limited Edition Warps. That website not only shows you the true colors of the warp’s many different peach threads, so hard to capture in a photo, but also explains what in the world a pre-wound warp is! The second warp, still wrapped in brown paper and plastic, is multi-textured black, also difficult to photograph.

I Love my ‘new’ little loom! It’s amazingly compact, weighing only 30 pounds and folding down to a very slender 9″, far smaller than the 17″ footprint of my Kromski’s stand.

PHOTO HERE – Oops. Apparently, I missed taking a photo of it folded!

Since it has treadles (foot pedals), I’ll be able to weave with my feet as well as my hands! lol. That’s going to be so much faster than hands alone like with a rigid heddle loom.

476 foot pedals - treadles

This is a simple two harness loom so I’ll just be alternating between two treadles, easy-peasy. When I press down on a treadle it opens the shed, a temporary space between upper and lower groups of warp yarns through which a shuttle carrying weft yarn can be passed.

476 opening the shed

When I switch feet the lower group of threads becomes the upper group and vice versa.

DH loves this loom’s built-in bobbin winder. . . “It’ll always be right there when you need it!”

476 bobbin winder

I don’t know the likelihood of my misplacing something as big as a bobbin winder, lol, but I get what he means. Let me demonstrate the winder for you.

476 filling a bobbin

My loom also came with a WIP, started in an improvisational style that’s typical of Saori weaving.

476 WIP

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask how long this warp is, but, from what I can see,

476 warp

I will probably be able to weave enough fabric to sew a purse or bag of some kind. That should be fun!

* SAORI – “SA” is from the Zen word “SAI”, which means every thing has its own individual dignity and “ORI”, which means weaving.

I first came across the word ‘Saori’ in Ravelry when I noticed that some of the weaving projects I admired there were tagged with it. I soon started lurking around the forums of Ravelry’s three Saori weaving groups and explored several Saori weaving studio websites where I read more about the Saori philosophy.

SAORI Worcester is only about 45 minutes away. I look forward to taking a weaving class soon so I can get better acquainted with both my loom and Saori ideas and techniques.

P.S. Thought you might like a closer look at some of the flowers that are in that garden behind the loom.

476 flowers

These are rose Coneflowers (Echinaeca) and blue Balloon Flowers (Platycodon grandiflorus), so-called because their buds reminded someone of hot-air balloons. – They look more like bishop’s hats to me! – You can decide for yourself, lol; there are some buds near the bottom of the photo.

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9 Responses to Craigslist Strikes Again

  1. that looks like an amazing piece of equipment, and clearly it has found the best home ever !!!

  2. tiniree says:

    It was destiny for both you and the loom 🙂

  3. Kathy says:

    Enjoy! 🙂 Kathy

  4. Carol says:

    I’m looking for a used saori loom too. You so lucked out!

  5. Amy hoffman says:

    How much does this one cost.
    I know that if I have to ask I probably
    Can’t afford it.
    I’m trying to get my husband to buy my a second loom.
    Thank you.

    • Yes, if you’re looking for a real bargain, a Saori SX60 is not the loom for you.
      My advice, watch Craigslist for a used LeClerc Artisat. . . 4H 36″ weaving width, they often go for $500 or less! Not particularly lightweight, but they do fold down to 14″ front-to-back, even with weaving in progress.

      Just curious. . . What kind of a loom are you using now? And, what about the Saori caught your eye?

      (You can see the current retail price of a Saori SX60 HERE.)

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