# 38 & 39 – Two More for Girls

With so much Pink, I’m pretty sure the first fleece that I edged with crochet went to a foster girl.

474 striped fleece with crocheted edging

Then last week I did three fleece blankets for boys.

477A Three for Boys - finished

So today I’m evening the score with Crazy Daisies

479 Floral Fleeceand Like Butter,

479 Yello Fleece

two fuzzy fleece blankets for girls.

479 Two for Girls

I ended up not using the Red Heart Soft ‘Water Lily’ variegated that I’d pulled out of stash. At the last minute I decided I liked RHSS ‘Monet’ even better with pale yellow.

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4 Responses to # 38 & 39 – Two More for Girls

  1. tiniree says:

    Oh Linda –
    I LOVE the Crazy Daisy’s blanket. Reminds me of the wallpaper in my room when I was a little girl (yep, in the 60’s)!

    • Wow! I’m trying to imagine it! What color was your bedspread, rugs etc.? Oooh, shag carpet?

      Hmmm. You know, my mom wallpapered my bedroom in the 60’s. Just now I’ve realized that she must have greatly narrowed my choice of patterns without my knowing it, because how else did I end up with plain old roses? humph. lol.

      But I also remember thinking she was so coool because she thought to put a tiny print on one wall with a coordinating larger print on the other three!

  2. Kathy says:

    I love the crazy daisies !! Kathy 🙂

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