DH got out the ladder and picked some of the ripe peaches high in the older of our two peach trees on Saturday, well as ‘high’ as he could get in a dwarf tree that is. lol. I soon as I saw his harvest

479A 2bowlsful

I knew what was coming next. . .

479A peeled & sliced peaches

prepping peaches for the freezer. Lucky for us, those who help with the harvest are always allowed to eat as many peaches as they want while they work. Yummmmmm.

We filled eleven 24-ounce containers.

479A eleven!

That’s probably twice as many as we’ve ever had to freeze from our trees before. And that doesn’t consider the containers we’ve filled a few at a time with the windfalls, probably another eleven, or the zillions of peaches we’ve eaten fresh!

And there are still more to come.

479A more peaches

So. . . to make more room in the freezer DH thawed out his jostaberries, red and black and white currants, and two kinds of gooseberries, and made some jam. Jam making is DH’s thing. He makes it Very Tart, just the way he likes it. “You can’t buy jam like this in any store.”

479A filling a jar with jam

Yeah, making jams with three different fruit combos must have opened up some freezer space,

479A jars of jam

which we’ll be refilling very soon, with Peaches!! DH estimates that we’ll be able to fill at least eleven more containers with what’s left on the trees.

It’s interesting how Mother Nature works. Last winter we had so many blackberries, not this many, but alot, the most ever, but we had no peaches. None. There was a late frost, which took all the peach blossoms. Then this year the deer got most of our blackberries, but we’ve had a bumper crop of blueberries and now, this AmAzInG number of peaches!! ! WOW! We’re going to enjoy eating our own peaches all winter long! This will be a first.

Doing a little happy happy dance now, cuz I Loooove Peaches!!

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4 Responses to Peaches!!

  1. says:

    OH YUMMY!! Those peaches look heavenly!! I am able to eat small amounts of fresh peaches – now I have to go up to the farmstand tomorrow to get a couple!! Enjoy yours!!!!!!!!!

  2. daniellajoe says:

    Enjoy!! Organic and fresh, jealous 🙂

  3. Anastacia says:

    yay for jam and peaches, oh my! Never got around to freezing any peaches. Oh, well, there’s always next year. My garden’s slowed down to a crawl, but it looks like I’m going to be making a lot of piccalilli soon with all the green tomatoes from my garden.

    • Yes, fall has definitely arrived in New England. The cool nights have slowed ripening so much, I’m only picking every third day now.
      That’s just as well because our rate of tomato consumption has really slowed down too! lol. I may end up canning a few.

      Also thinking about drying a couple trays of cherry tomatoes. Somebody somewhere mentioned that dried ones are so sweet, their kids eat them like candy! Tomato Raisins do not sound tempting to me, but I think they’d at least be tasty in salads.

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