#40 – September’s Ripple

I began this month’s ripple design with these two partial skeins, recently gifted by the Yarn Fairy.

475 Red Heart Comfort

Red Heart calls them ‘Spruce and ‘Spruce/Sage/Tan’.

It was a very grey day, pouring rain, when I decided to shoot photos of my freshly finished blanket, so I put together a little backdrop in the dining room out of two sheets of white foam core board. Emily, as usual, is curious but not impressed.

481 Emily at photo shoot

I can’t blame her; I don’t like the way the flash bounces back from the white surface either. It makes the afghan look as if I crocheted it with an over-sized hook. Look at the size of those holes!

So much better-looking once I folded it in half, the extra layer works as a buffer between flash and foam core.

481 close-up view

This tan yarn is RHSS ‘Warm Brown’, the dark brown, a vintage one from Sal’s, is called ‘Chocolate’, and the cream is anonymous.

The slight difficulty of dealing with a flash aside, which explains why in this next shot it looks like I used two kinds of tan, tsk, I’m thrilled with September’s ripple!

Pine Barrens

481 full view

It felt so good to be back working with my usual worsted weight acrylics; I’m anxious to start on October’s ripple and I’m leaning toward purple. Remember the two purple Yarn Fairy color combos I hastily prepared?

475 lvndr:grey475 Purples and Pinks

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4 Responses to #40 – September’s Ripple

  1. Liz says:

    Looking really good. Nice layout of colors.

  2. Kathy says:

    Looks nice! Kathy 🙂

  3. Underground Crafter says:

    I love the browns! What a great autumn blanket.

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