Some Yarn

It was no big deal, yet another Craigslist ad. . .

“Weaving yarn that has been stored in 21 bins and sorted by color. I no longer weave so hope somebody can put this yarn to good use. $100 for all. Please call or email me. Heather. ”

I saw the ad at around 10 p.m. and noticed that it had been posted at three that afternoon. So, although I immediately sent an email, I thought there was very little chance of my getting the yarn. The next morning, to save myself the terrible waiting and wondering that I’ve come to expect from most Craigslist experiences, I gave Heather a call.

And. . . I Got It!! Woo-Hoo! Yippee! I got Twenty-One Bins of Weaving Yarns! for only $100. Why, that’s less than five bucks a bin, folks. Astounding!! !! !   !

Happy!!, HaPpY!! Snoopy Dance

I know, I know. . . that was alot of !!!!s. lol. I should calm down. . . but I just got 21 storage bins full of weaving yarns! lol. And I’m so happy that the bins were included because otherwise, can you imagine loading my car with that much loose yarn?! HAhahaha And think about the HUGE pile of yarn I’d have in my dining room!!

As soon as I recovered from the shock, I started wondering just how many trips it was going to take to get it home. How many bins could we fit into our Scion xB? I asked Heather to measure one of the bins for me, pretty please. While I waited for the dimensions I measured every nook and cranny of the car.

Well, it turned out that the bins are quite large – 15″ wide, 25″ long and 11 1/2″ high! gulp. Here’s my diagram showing how, with some very careful positioning, I figured that we could take all 21 bins in one trip.

482 map of car

Heather was dubious of my plan, car map and all, so she stood by watching as we loaded. I started by emptying about three bins into the foot space behind the front seats.

482 fillingevery nookLook at the Rich colors!!

It’s fun to know someone else saves every precious bit of wool yarn, just like me!

482 a bit of wool yarnThen came ten bins, some on their sides or upside-down, whatever it took to get them to fit, and I filled the little spaces around them with loose balls and cones.

482 loading - step two

In went six more yarn-filled bins and two empties.

482 loading - step three

When we finished, with plenty of space left next to the roof so DH can use the rear-view mirror, I might add,

482 ta-dah!

Heather asked whether I’m interested in making rugs. I told her about the cotton rag rugs I wove thirty-some years ago, which, coincidentally, was about when she got into weaving too, and about how I hope to someday hook some rugs.

And that’s when she offered me two cardboard boxes full of wool fabric for rugs, plus this BIG bag of already cut and rolled wool strips

482 4 bag of wool strips

and this fabric cutter, which cuts much wider strips than my other cutter, more like what  you’d use for braiding than for hooking, I think,

482 fabric cutter

all for FREE!!

Just color me gob-smacked!! lol. Thank You, Heather!!

It wasn’t until we got home that I noticed the writing on the cutter’s box.

482 cutter $19 box

Do you really think that Heather, once upon a time, paid only $19.00 for this? I’m not sure which is more insane, that she gave me the cutter or how much a Fraser Model 500-1 costs today! lol.

I went into the house to look at weaving books, leaving DH with the fun challenge of fitting all the wool fabric into the car

482 adding fabric

When Heather asked $50 for this boxful, I simply paid it, not giving any thought to a counteroffer.

482 box of weaving books

How could I do otherwise, considering everything she had just given me?!

With a box of books at my feet and a tower of bins holding only a fabric cutter and one massive cone of yarn in my lap, I was ready to go home.

482 ready to go home

Although I got to handle a little of my ‘new’ yarn while we loaded the car, I was so anxious to go through every bin!! Heather said she thought it was mostly wool, but, many years have passed since she so carefully packed this yarn away, so all she remembered for certain was that she’d saved only ‘the best stuff’. lol.

482a celery482e pink482j brown482m white skns

She was right; it is mostly wool, but there are also some chenille, mohair, linen, cotton and a few unknown synthetics. Amazing.

482n grey black482d lite blue482k beige482c aqua

The yarn ranges in weight anywhere from cobweb to ginormous roving!

482h pumpkin482l white novelty482g orange482b greens

Would it be O.K. with you if we just sit surrounded by these beautiful colors for a little while? contented sigh. What an unbelievable find. Thank you again, Heather.

482f red482i gold

1, 2 , 3, 4, . . .

In my excitement I missed photographing a few bins, purple and yellow for sure, and probably celery, or maybe olive. I’m not sure.

Having condensed the yarn as much as I could, we’re left with thirteen, no, fourteen bins of yarn in the dining weaving room – this pile was later joined by a bin of my old cottons.

482 1 wall of bins

The other seven are in the basement. But only three of those are filled with yarn, all white, mostly huge skeins of New Zealand wool. The other four are filled with wool fabric: one each of rolled strips,

482 5 bin of wool stripsplaid yardage,

482 2 wool plaidsand solids, all from Heather

482 3 bin of wool solidsplus one filled with my own mixed wool fabric collection, meager in comparison.

One of the first projects I have planned for my new stash is to weave a bulky charity blanket with the synthetic rug yarns I pulled as I went through the original 21 bins.

482 acrylics

Emily doesn’t seem impressed, but I think this is a Great Idea. lol.

P.S. DH has enrolled in a college class. It’s the kind of thing that only appears on the schedule once every few years, so he needs to do this now. With a three-hour class that meets twice a week and at least that much time again to be spent on homework, he won’t be making stick shuttles or updating anymore student looms for a while.

Fortunately, I’ll be busy too. . .

playing with some yarn.

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17 Responses to Some Yarn

  1. denise says:

    Wow…great find. Your cat is Identical to one I used to have name Kaitlyn..she was a hemingway.

    • Amazing! isn’t it? You never know what Craig will turn up next. lol.

      Although Emily doesn’t have any extra toes, she does have Big Feet.
      We wonder if she may carry a few Maine Coone genes.

      She says,’Meooow’, which I roughly translate as ‘Hi, Denise. It’s very nice to meet you!’ ^..^

  2. Jeniffer says:

    Wow! That is quite the haul! But I’m not at all surprised you got it all into the xB. I’ve got an xB, and they can be packed up a lot better than most people think is possible. That’s how we got the 46″ Gilmore Rigid home! Congrats on this CL find for sure, and enjoy all that yarn! (I’m especially envious of that cutter, though, hehe.)

    • We used to have a mini-van. I’m not sure how the two compare cargo space-wise, but an xB is certainly more fun to drive!

      A 46″ rigid heddle?! wow. Congrats to you on finding such a wide one and on getting it home. Maybe our xB will bring home a floor loom for me some day. I’d love a 36″ one, that folds… not much room left in the little dining weaving room!

      I didn’t even know about this model of cutter! Makes me wonder what the Yarn Fairies will choose to bestow next.

  3. you hit the MOTHERLODE!!!!!!! enjoy 🙂

  4. Jeniffer says:

    Well, I carry two Irish Wolfhounds in my xB regularly, hehe. There is more cargo space in a van, but a van doesn’t get 30+ MPG, nor does it cost as little as the xB did, hehe.

    Not a rigid heddle! 🙂 The Rigid was the name of the early floor looms produced by Mr. Gilmore. Mine dates to somewhere between 1937-1956. Can’t get a closer build date than that without a previous owner’s name, which we can’t get. But before they moved from Commerce Street, cause that’s the address plated onto the loom. Weaving width of 46”, the thing put together is about 54” wide. Links to pics here, first in the car, then in the living room.

    This is the loom that’s been set up in my living room, 3 feet from my couch, for 2 months, which I haven’t used at all yet, because I tore a tendon in my hand getting it moved in and assembled. :-/

    • Ooops, you wrote “Gilmore Rigid”, but that didn’t stop my brain from thinking Rigid… Heddle! HAha.
      What a beauty! Strange to know it’s been around longer than we have.

      So that’s how you injured your hand! That it was caused by your ‘new friend’ certainly makes for some mixed emotions.
      Hope the tendon continues to heal as quickly as possible so the two of you can get over this rough patch in what could become a decades long friendship. Can you imagine yourself still weaving on it 20 years from now?

      • Jeniffer says:

        The hand is now in a cast, because the brace didn’t work. Another 2 weeks until the next recheck. Surgery has not yet been ruled out. What little movement I have inside the cast is still painful, so I don’t know that it’s doing all that much healing, unfortunately. I’m still using retail therapy and Craig’s List lurking to make up for the empty feeling inside from not being able to do any weaving (or much of anything else, heh). Some friends and I are planning a dyeing day in a few weeks, and we have our local yarn crawl coming up in a two weeks. By the time I can use the hand again, I’m going to have YEARS worth of stuff planned out with yarns ready to go.

        Can you imagine trying to work on a 46″ RH loom? Hahaha! Giant stick shuttles, and in order to be able to clear the shuttle on each side, you’d need a HUGE space to set it up.

      • Big Sigh on reading about your cast and my best wishes on the two week check.

        Retail therapy and Craig’s List lurking sound rather dangerous to the pocketbook, but the upcoming yarn crawl sounds like so much fun! lol. And dyeing, even if one-handed, should be very satisfying.
        I think I’d want to at least try weaving a narrow warp one-handed too. Torturously slow I’m sure, but it would be weaving.

        I recently came across an ad in an old weaving magazine for a 45″ RHL, so they really did once exist! Maybe that’s why I fell for my brain’s misinterpretation of your comment. ??

        As for those unwieldy stick shuttles that seem more appropriate for fake sword fights than for weaving, depending on the weft/warp being used a boat shuttle may work much better. I get that stick shuttles are cheaper to include as part of a loom’s initial purchase, but I think a boat shuttle should be considered as a future purchase by the new RHL owner, much like heddles of different dents are and I wonder why boat shuttles aren’t marketed that way. just a thought.

  5. Oh, my goodness! I am SO excited for you! Yeehaw!!!!! What a great haul… er, find! So much! And so many different colors and fibers!

    I love how she has everything sorted and labeled. “CELERY”, “GOLD”,”WOOL FABRIC STRIPS”. Heather must have really been into her weaving at some point, but I bet she’s so relieved to have all that cleared from her house.

    I’m very impressed but not really surprised that you and DH were able to get all of it in the car in one trip. You are the queen of planning! Woot! Woot!

    Emily continues doing her jobs of inspector and model with her usual amount of enthusiasm, I see. She’s so darn cute.

    Thank you for continuing to share your adventures with yarn and hook and weaving and needles and peaches and berries and flowers and the thrill of the deal. You’re always a bright spot in my day!

    • It’s so much fun to show you my finds cuz I can tell you get nearly as excited over them as I do!!

      Aren’t the bubble lettered labels ‘Cool!’? They’re so 70’s; I just had to keep them. The black outlines were once filled in with appropriate colors, but you’ll just have to imagine how BRIGHT they were as they’re terribly faded now.

      Heather said weaving was “Her Thing” when her boys were young, but she eventually moved on to quilting. So yeah, she was more than ready to have it all Gone. She gave me all that wool fabric just so she wouldn’t have to hold it until the next weaving guild sale! She even showed me the tiny room where this had all been stored. There was still a loom sitting in one corner, but it had definitely been transformed from weaving room to guest room.

      I’m going to have so much fun working my way through her wonderful collection of yarn and fabric!

      Yes, Emily loooves the camera – as long as she doesn’t have to expend any energy during a shoot.

      I’m happy to have brightened your day.
      ‘Thank YOU!’ for sharing your enthusiasm with me! 😀

  6. Sofia Leo says:

    Awesome haul! I’m envious 🙂

  7. I agree with Nice Piece of Work….that is truly a Mother Lode! You might not ever have to buy yarn again. And I’m headed over to Craig’s List right now!

    • Have fun! You never know what you might find.
      I’d love to hear all about your Craig’s List buys!

      I plan to do an inventory so I’ll have a clearer idea of what’s hiding in all those bins, but I think I can already say for certain that I’ll never need to buy more celery-colored yarn! lol.

  8. Katherine says:

    Awesome! Doing the happy dance right along with you. 😮

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