Getting Acquainted

I’m going to try very hard not to over-think this project. After all, the previous owner of my Saori loom has already measured out and wound on a bright pink and blue warp

476 warp

and started weaving.

476 WIP

All I have to do is decide what yarns I want to use and I can get going. Yippee!

As I went through those 21 bins of Craigslist yarn I discovered many more of these little bits and bobs.

482 a bit of wool yarn

I’ve separated them into bags of warm, cool and neutral colors so I can more quickly find what I want.

485 bags of bits

Emily showed faint interest in the sorting process. There’s been so much yarn around here lately, who can blame her?!

485 emily 6 faint interest in yarn

Here’s the assortment I’ve chosen for this particular project

485 bits in lid

plus some other yarns, mostly cottons and a few novelties.

485 other yarns

It’s wonderful to have such a variety of colors and textures to play with!

I made a mark every three inches on this pink satin ribbon and I’m pinning it along the edge of my weaving so I’ll know how much fabric I’ve made.

485 WIP with measuring ribbon

I’m hoping for at least seven feet because I want to make a bag like this. It’s sewn from one uncut long strip, a perfect design for handwoven fabric!

By the time I’ve woven off this warp I should be pretty well acquainted with my ‘new’ loom. I’d like to weave a kids’ blanket on it before too long.

Oh, yeah, back when I first showed it to you, I hadn’t yet taken photos to show how it folds. It very easily goes from 27 inches front to back

485 open loom

down to nine! 485 folded loom

Cool, eh?

P.S. More shots of my assistant ‘helping’ me photograph the bits and bobs.

485 emily 4

I especially like this one.

485 emily 1

What an expressive tail!

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One Response to Getting Acquainted

  1. Kathy says:

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see it finished! Love the cat! Funny how they always seem to be part of a picture ! =^^= Kathy

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