#43 and 44 – Seeing Double

What a FUN fleece print!

486 one

I don’t remember exactly where I got such a BIG piece of fleece, probably at Savers. It certainly wasn’t a remnant at JoAnns, because it was big enough to make TWO 33 x 56″ kids’ blankets!

486 two

Maybe they’ll be chosen by twins.

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5 Responses to #43 and 44 – Seeing Double

  1. Verneta says:

    So pretty and “peace”-ful! Great job, Linda!

  2. Kathy says:

    Pretty groovy looking! I love the peace signs! Kathy 🙂

  3. Bettina says:

    OK, I’m convinced … hole punch blade thingy now ordered, fleece sourced and matching yarn put aside … yay, another way to spend available down time!!

    • OH, What Fun you’re going to have with your new ‘hole punch blade thingy’, Bettina.
      Fast Fleece Blankets, Fast Fleece Blankets!!
      You can practice saying that five times fast while you wait for it to arrive. lol.

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