#45 and 46 – Autumn Fleeces

You never know quite what you’re getting when you buy a wrapped remnant. Fortunately, almost every time I’ve opened one I’ve found a flawless piece that I got at a bargain price. Yay!

But once in a while you discover a boo-boo, like a broad Bald streak on my golden yellow fleece! ugh.

486A bald streak

At least the trimmed down piece still made a reasonably sized blanket, 38 x 50″. With the colors in the variegated edging it makes me think of gourds.

486A gold

This bronze camo print reminds that some hunting season or other will be starting soon.

486A camo

I thought the camo needed a simpler more masculine-looking edging than my usual so I just worked two dc in each hole for the first round and for the second round I did a *hdc in each of the next two dc, chain one while skipping the next dc, then repeat from the *. While going around the corners I alternated between doing that and putting both hdcs in the same dc.

Two more fleece blankets ready to warm foster children against chilly autumn nights.

486A both

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