A Hurried Halloween Project… and Some Free Yarn

Late in September I started making Halloween crayon sets for the foster kids. I figured I had lots of time; I planned to deliver them to the library some time in early October. But then I got an email asking if there was any chance that I could deliver the crayons by Monday, Sept. 30th, as someone from DCF was going to be stopping by.

I dropped everything that I possibly could to make more time for recycling crayons. DH helped by delivering the first two dozen sets to the library on Saturday morning so somebody could start assembling the Halloween goody bags. I wonder what all they found to put in them this year?

DH brought back this donation of yarn that had been set aside for me. Yay! I looove Free Yarn! lol.

488 skeins

I finished the other two dozen bags of crayons over the weekend and dropped them off Monday. YAY!! done on time.

There was more yarn waiting for me in the drop-off bin, a four pound plus cone of rayon chenille

488 cone chenille

and a shoebox with three skeins each of Patons Cotton Top and Pingouin Le Yarn, which is an acrylic/wool blend.

488 shoebox of yarn

The shoebox itself is valuable! – perfect for heavy little bags of holiday crayons.

Things were so crazy I didn’t take time to get photos of this year’s Halloween crayons, but I did happen to grab one snapshot before I started. These are the CUTE batty cellophane treat bags that I put the crayons in, along with a few Halloween bubbles and stickers.

488 treat bags and treats

Found them marked down long after the holiday was over. The bags came with their own color-coordinated twist ties – purple ones!

I can also show you the new larger Jack o’ Lantern mold, a silicone one, which I used for the first time.

Jack o' lantern molds

I found it back in April, at Sal’s, on sale for a dollar. Woo-Hoo!

Except for the larger Jack o’ lantern I made the same Halloween crayon shapes as I did last year: purple bat, black cat, green witch and yellow star. (last year’s photo)

310 Halloween crayon sets

Having had an entire year to think about what a limited palette those gave the kids to work with, I decided to add blue and red crayons, which I molded in plain round muffin tins

304F tops of rainbow crayons still in muffin pan

(another old photo) I didn’t make any green ones, cuz I already had green witches.

That meant a total of, 7 colors x 48 sets, 336 crayons to mold, bag, twist tie and tag, which explains why the ‘Seeing Double’ fleece blankets weren’t ready for posting last Monday!

I’m going to start working on Christmas crayon sets now so I won’t be rushing around to make them at Thanksgiving time.

P.S. I had received even more free yarn earlier in the month! This is what I received when I delivered a bunch of blankets.

488 Sept. yarns

The yarn fairies were Very Generous during September.

P.P.S. I’d already finished writing this post when I got an email thanking everybody that worked on this year’s Halloween goody bags. And guess what.

It included a couple of photos of my cutie crayon bags, so I get to show them to you after all!

488 A Boxful of Crayons

You can almost make out the new Bigger Jack o’Lantern that’s inside.

488 One Bag of crayons

I thought the treat bags were ‘fancy’ enough that I could get by with real simple Halloween Crayon hang tags. They were soooo much faster to make than last year’s stickers!

310F Finished Halloween Labels

Let’s hope I can find some CUTE Christmas treat bags too, ones with coordinating twist ties, I hope.

I already discovered that the bags at Oriental Trading don’t include any. If I’m going to pay that much, plus shipping, for goody bags I want coordinating twist ties! – stamping my foot – lol.

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6 Responses to A Hurried Halloween Project… and Some Free Yarn

  1. wow, your crayon bags are gorgeous!!!! such fun for the children 🙂

  2. Verneta says:

    Awesome! You inspire me so much …. I must start collecting the crayons and making them, soooo cute for children who need to know they are fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank you, Linda!

    • I really hope you’ll give crayon recycling a try, Vernata. It’s such fun!
      Making round crayons in a muffin tin is the easiest way and you get a dozen at a time. 😀

      Apparently you don’t even need an extra tin(s) for crayon making! This blog post shows using paper cupcake liners. – Although I do wonder if some wax may make its way through the paper.

      You’re very welcome.

  3. Kathy says:

    Wow! What a “spooktacular” presentation! You did a great job!
    Kathy 🙂

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