Our corner of Connecticut was hit by frost the other night and this set off a frenzy of fall cleaning. My list of chores is loong with things like switching out window screens and fans for storm windows. . . and the little auxiliary heater for the bathroom. Let’s not forget to get that out! It’s So Nice to step out of a steamy shower into a toasty room without turning up the main thermostat.

It’s also time for summer wardrobes to head to the attic, the perfect opportunity to weed out anything that no longer fits – DH continues to lose weight. Yay! – or that we no longer Love. We’ve already gone through everything that was on hangers. Drawers and closet shelves come next.

We had fun going through a Big bag of clothes labeled ‘Almost Fit’ that I discovered in the back room of the attic. Unfortunately, – or maybe Fortunately, considering some of the styles, lol – DH’s weight loss has already passed the size of pants we’d so carefully saved, so they’re all outta here!

I’m in the middle of painting the floor of the entry and hallway. Sand, wash, then two coats paint and two three coats polyurethane, sanding between each. It’s all going to take a while. Add in some extra time thanks to a certain cat. If I close Emily in a room alone she’ll cry until I join her or let her out, so I’m only painting after DH goes to bed because Emily is quite content snuggling with him.

While I was painting last night I heard the bedroom door open behind my back. I assumed DH was heading to the bathroom, which he was, but when he came out, instead of going back to the bedroom he headed toward the kitchen while he explained that he was going to get Emily some food. He was already three steps into the wet paint before I could even open my mouth! ACK!! I was able to brush out the footprint closest to me. I couldn’t reach the others, but they’ll be covered by the hall’s carpet runner anyway.

Frost also marked the end of the gardening season, which means I need to clear the veggie garden beds. And although I already raked up a heavy covering of maple leaves, I need to rake again, thanks to the oaks!

Apples on the ‘bump and dent’ rack were only 39 cents a pound the other day, so I’m going to make a Big batch of apple pie filling to freeze. No, I’m not going to make a zillion apple pies this winter. HAhahaha, I laugh at that thought! Only Mrs. Smith does pies in this house. It’s just that ‘apple pie filling’ comes closer to describing my mix of apple chunks, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves with no sugar, than the word ‘applesauce’ does.

I’ll be DH’s helper next week as he’s taking a few days off to tackle a couple of the bigger chores from his own loong to-do list. – Hey, how come he gets me as his assistant and all I get is a cat? lol. A cat that sheds everywhere, I might add, so I have to carefully clean the floor, yet again, before each painting session.

Anyway, I may not find time to weave for the next while, but blanket making for the foster kids won’t stop. Talk to you again come Monday.

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5 Responses to Frost

  1. Sharon says:

    Whew!!! Sounds like you’re awfully busy!!!
    I love the changes in the seasons but don’t see a whole lot of it down here in Florida.
    We did go to Ohio and back for a granddaughter’s wedding and coming back down some
    of the trees had changed so we saw enough to be pretty but nothing like what it will look like
    about now through the fall. Continuing to crochet for family and Project Linus.
    Have a happy fall!!!

    • Hi Sharon! It’s good to hear from you!! 😀
      I hope you enjoyed the entire trip and the opportunity to visit with your family.
      I bet the wedding was lovely. But then isn’t every wedding lovely in it’s own way? 🙂
      I think I would really miss the full effects of the changing seasons if I lived in a place as warm as Florida. Sometimes we complain about the ice and snow we get, but even those can be beautiful and I’d rather deal with Cold weather than HOT! anyway, but that’s just me.
      But just think, you can travel to wherever the season suits you best! How cool is that?! lol.
      Happy to hear that you’re still crocheting. I think it helps to keep both our fingers and minds nimble!

  2. tiniree says:

    Oh I remember getting ready for Winter! Remembering to unscrew the hose from the main line and getting the sprinklers blown out. Then doing it ourselves after we realized all we needed was our trusty air compressor. Switching out the cars front window sunshade for the ice scraper. Making sure I had a set of warm clothing for each family member in the car, just in case. And, lets not forget the bag of Kitty Litter!!!

    • We live out in the country so there are no lawn sprinklers to blow out, but we do need to pull and drain the hose that brings water from the stream down to our veggie garden. – Will add this to DH’s list!
      And I must check under both cars’ front seats for ice scrapers. Hmmmm. Were they there the last time I vacuumed? Can’t remember.
      We’ve never thought to put extra clothes in the cars, just a blanket. Such a Good Idea! Especially boots.

  3. AnnB says:

    Extra clothes in the car. Great idea. I just bought pink overalls and a purple jacket (in my current size – interim since vowing to never diet again) and told my husband they were for winter wear on the farm so I wouldn’t hesitate to go outside in the winter…if they need my help (rare) or to feed the barn cats. And now to play in the snow with grandsons. Put them on, I look like a pink pig in a purple coat. They will be toasty and are flexible (unlike men’s duck overalls). Oh, well. Ha! Will otherwise keep these in a bag to put in the car on shopping trips, etc. this winter.

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