#51 – A Christmas Ripple

Although I still haven’t bagged and labeled the Christmas Crayons – tsk, tsk – it feels good to have at least gotten them made early. It feels so good, I thought I’d do the same with this year’s Christmas Ripple – get it done early. Yeah, you read right, I’m only making one Christmas ripple this year because the only Christmas yarn that’s come my way is one measly 1.75 ounce skein of Caron Christmas Glitter! Still, that was enough of this “Festive yarn for all those special Christmas crafts”, to make five sparkly rows in a kids-sized ripple.

Christmas Garland

495 full view
All the tiny ‘white’ speckles in the variegated yarn are actually silver metallic. Bling! Bling!

495 close-up

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2 Responses to #51 – A Christmas Ripple

  1. Sparkly, festive fun!!!

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