An Annual Autumn Tag Sale

The local historical society holds a tag sale every October. Here’s a post about last year’s sale. At this year’s I grabbed a comforter bag filled with yarn, the one I’d spied from the sidelines while waiting for the sale to open for business!

496 comforter bag full of yarn

I almost put it back when I noticed how many skeins of Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn were inside. eh.

496 rugyarn in bag

But then I remembered the rug yarns I’d pulled from the 21 bins and I figured what’s a little more? lol. After all, the price on the bag was certainly right at $5.00!!

I gripped the comforter bag firmly between my legs so there would be no mistaking that I intended to buy it, but that didn’t keep another shopper from inquiring, “Are you buying that?” – wishful thinking on her part I suppose. Sorry lady, but the early bird gets the best yarn! I did at least offer her the box of yarn-filled Ziplocs. . . once I’d picked out my favorites that is.

496 ziplocs of yarn

All were marvelously priced at merely fifty cents each regardless of their weight,

496 50 cents

which, once home, I discovered ranged anywhere from 6 ounces for the two skeins of variegated all the way up to 20 ounces of the light orange! Added together I paid only $3.00 for about five pounds of yarn in Ziplocs. Whee!!

It was a kick to finally find out what all was in that Big comforter bag:

– Seventeen skeins of the Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn,

496 17 rug yarns

which, unfortunately, is 100% polyester, while my other Aunt Lydia’s is a rayon/cotton blend. sigh. But there’s probably enough here to weave an entire kid’s blanket anyway.

– Almost a pound of baby and sport weight yarns

496 baby

– Over a pound of bulky weight yarns

496 bulky

– Nearly two pounds of worsted weight yarns in neutral colors

496 neutrals

– and another two pounds in kindergarten colors.

496 colors

That bag held almost eight pounds of yarn!

I explored the rest of the sale, even remembered to look for stuffed animals, toys and books for the foster kids, but ended up buying only the yarn. . .

nearly thirteen pounds of it for $8.00. Ye-Hah!!

Yet another reason to looove tag sales.

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6 Responses to An Annual Autumn Tag Sale

  1. tiniree says:

    We don’t have those (that I have found anyway) here in AZ. I remember going to the ones in Colorado and loving them. My kids were small then and clothing was a huge savings for me at these sales 🙂

    • Hey, Arizona – Get with it and throw some tag sales! lol.
      It’s funny how things differ from one region to another.

      This particular sale didn’t have any clothing, but lots of them do. And since kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, I bet most would still be in beautiful condition.

  2. Back away from the comforter bag between my feet, lady! Lol! Another great haul!

    • I’d brought a cardboard box with me to put my treasures in as I shopped, but the comforter bag was too Big!
      I have no idea what I could have done to be any more obvious. . .
      maybe tape a huge sign on the bag, “I AM GOING TO BUY THIS – YOU CAN’T HAVE IT.” lol.

  3. Kathy says:

    You sure made out! I haven’t seen rug yarn for ages…I was wondering if they still made it! I used to use it in the 70’s making all sorts of crafts….especially we would make a poodle with a wire hanger bent to the shape of the dog and we’d tie bundles of yarn to make the dog fluffy! Such memories!…
    Kathy 🙂

    • I had to go see whether or not Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn is still being made. . . and sure enough, Amazon has it! Now 100% polyester by Caron.

      Your poodle sounds like the kind of craft project I used to find in my Mom’s Pack o’ Fun magazines. 🙂
      And talking about bending the wire hanger reminded me of Christmas wreaths we made by tying on strips of thin clear plastic dry cleaner bags. I decorated some with iridescent sequins. Oooooo.

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